Barbara Boxer Does Boxing Analogy To Carly Fiorina's 'Wall Street Values'

Barbara Boxer Does Boxing Analogy To Carly Fiorina's 'Wall Street Values'
  • California heavyweight Barbara Boxer pulled no punches as she savagely pounded newcomer rival Carly Fiorina in a decision knockout filled with low blows and direct hits. Before a ringside audience outside San Francisco, Boxer dominated despite a height disadvantage (she literally stood her ground atop a wooden box) and Fiorina's low blows and cheap shots. Fiorina, showing her roots as a nasty boardroom brawler better known for taking down her own entourage than for defeating opponents, was bloodied by Boxer's repeated slams. What? You mean we don't need to use all the boxing metaphors this morning? Okay, well Fiorina ... got her ass handed to her? What sport is that? "Ass handing," from the Olympic Games of Ancient Greece. Anyway, it was the first and only scheduled debate for Senator Boxer and former HP executive Fiorina -- and the first time most voters have seen Fiorina since she stupidly made stupid comments about Boxer's hairstyleon an open mic. Current polls show Boxer has a three-point lead over Fiorina, but she's also a three-term incumbent. Fiorina, as Boxer repeatedly pointed out, is a cut-throat big-business cretin who fired 30,000 HP employees and shipped jobs overseas before being fired herself. [Los Angeles Times/Mercury News/New York Times]

  • Speaking of Illegal Aliens, the Mexican Menace appears to be turning around and going home. From a peak of about 12 million before the El Recession Grande, the illegal immigrant population has dropped by about a million people. [New York Times]
  • Corporate GOP lobbyist and Mississippi slob Haley Barbour says he can be a great president by being, uh, a lobbyist. What? "I am from Mississippi, I do have a southern accent. I was a lobbyist and a pretty damned good one. And I'm very proud -- we were talking before the show came on -- I am happy about my life .... The next President of the United States on January 21, 2013 - - is going to start lobbying. He's going to be lobbying Congress, he's going to be lobbying other countries. He's going to be lobbying the business community." Sold! (Literally.) [GOP 12 via Politico Morning Score]

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