Your Sunday Show Roundup Features The GOP's Dumbest Trump Dead-Enders!

While most people were enjoying a nice pre-Super Bowl gameday, we were monitoring the Sunday shows for stupidity and scumbaggery. And no other show featured more of it than Fox News's "Sunday Morning Futures," hosted by $2.7 billion defamation suit co-defendant Maria Bartiromo.

The televised hive of scum and villainy began with former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who tried blame Congress for failing to protect itself from getting attacked, as opposed to the whole thing about how the Trump White House refused to authorize the National Guard:

MEADOWS: I can tell you that, when we look at Washington, D.C., the Capitol Police, many of them are my friends. I can tell you, they do a tremendous job. But they need to be empowered to do that job. And there were plenty of assets there to assist them in their efforts. And some of those decisions weren't made appropriately, in my opinion. And those decisions did not come from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It came from the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue.

Sounds like Meadows is arguing that Congress was wearing a short skirt and was asking to be overthrown.

Bartiromo also hosted the Senate's Dumbest Republican, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin. Much like O.J. Simpson is still searching for the real killers, Johnson trying to "investigate" who knew what and when around the January 6 Capitol breach and siege.

Of course the investigation should be very easy, considering Johnson is was part of the original Sedition Squad that objected to certifying President Biden's landslide win.

But Johnson has never ever let facts get in the way of sycophantic defenses of Trump, so this Sunday was no exception.

JOHNSON: Well, again, I have always believed the Russian hoax was a diversionary operation from the corruption that was occurring within certainly the FBI and potentially some of our intelligence agencies. You have to kind of ask the question, what is this impeachment all about?

We now know that 45 Republican senators believe it's unconstitutional. Is this another diversionary operation? Is this meant to deflect away from potentially what the speaker knew and when she knew it?

Well, Ron, the impeachment is about holding a former president accountable for inciting a mob to try to overturn an election, an attack that killed five people. It's actually the ONLY way to hold him accountable for crimes he committed while he was president, according to a dusty memo at the Justice Department. Johnson knows that, but again, he was part of the Sedition Squad, so DEFLECT! DEFLECT! DEFLECT!

Hell, Johnson knew he was full of shit, assuring us he was Just Asking Questions:

JOHNSON: I don't know. But I'm suspicious.

Yeah, we know what happens when Ron Johnson is "suspicious." Recently it's involved spreading Russian propaganda about Hunter Biden and calling it a legitimate Senate investigation.

On the bright side, "I Don't Know But I'm Suspicious" would make a better title for Bartiromo's show than "Sunday Morning Futures." You know, unless it joins Lou Dobbs's show at a farm upstate with plenty of yard to run around on.

On a more normal Sunday show, "Face The Nation," GOP Senator Lindsey Graham continued saying the second Trump impeachment isn't constitutional and that Trump didn't commit crimes, after host Margaret Brennan played a tape of Graham saying quite the opposite on January 7.

Graham, after having experiencing the Trump-incited attack January 6, told the truth in a rare moment of clarity on January 7. But Graham, ever the bottom-feeding remora, has now had time to figure out how to try to defend the indefensible.

Why? Don't know, but he had some racist talking points to say:

GRAHAM: I do believe that in 2022, the Republican Party is going to come roaring back because our friends on the Democratic Party, on the Democratic side, are going to change immigration policy to have caravan after caravan hit our borders.

The GOP is gonna "come roaring back" in 2022 by defending Trump's crimes and because Democrats are going to bring caravans to the border? OK.

Good luck with that, Linds, you delusional Trump toady.

Have a week!

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