The brilliant Dr. Ben Carson has a terrific new idea that is brilliant -- obviously, because the man's a genius -- and also it's like really articulate and stuff:

"Let's go ahead and investigate the thing," he said. "Let's not be giving them access to the ability to further carry on what they call a civilization jihad, and to change us from a Judeo-Christian foundation to a Muslim foundation. We have got to be smarter than that."

"The thing" Carson wants to investigate before it destroys our civilization is the Council on American-Islamic Relations. You know, those poor bastards who have to hold a press conference every time a Muslim commits a crime, to apologize on behalf of all one billion Muslims on the planet and double-pinky swear they're not each and every one of them a radical jihadist terrorist. Which is exactly what you'd expect radical jihadist terrorists to say, ISN'T IT?

[contextly_sidebar id="Fq7cNUU5ixhDBGBFgHA2IzCAIu20MzWE"]Carson has already explained how the Constitution explicitly prohibits Muslims from serving in higher office. Was Thomas Jesus Jefferson Christ a Muslim? Hell no! But now he's taking his derp to its next illogical conclusion, by making soft-spoken angry faces at President Obama for inviting the enemy to his big fancy address Tuesday night, where he will undoubtedly declare the State of the Union IS ALL MUSLIM ALL THE TIME NOW, BITCHES, BWAHAHAHAHALLAHU AKBAR!!!1!

Or not. But at least Dr. Carson is expressing the appropriate level of concern that Muslims have no place in Congress, not even as guests. We imagine once he learns that two of 'em (!!!) are actually serving in the House of Representatives and have refused to renounce Islam, he gonna get so mad, he just might stab someone.



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