Ben Carson So Mad Obama Sold Harriet Tubman Into Slavery Again

Maybe he was sleeping when he wrote this op-ed too.

Can we all agree that black Republicans are, at the very least, a wee bit odd? Case in point: Failed presidential candidate, half-assed Trump endorser and bestest neurosurgeon in the world Ben Carson, whose brain remains broken because he's unable to open up his own head and #FixItJesus. He likes that Harriet Tubman lady just fine, and says she was just swell for freeing those slaves. But he also loves Andrew Jackson, the slave-driving genocidal maniac, because he balanced the budget. How's a fellow like Dr. Ben Carson to choose?!

Well last week, he chose by saying we should keep Jackson on the $20 where he apparently belongs, and maybe stick old Harriet somewhere more comfortable, like on the $2 bill that nobody uses. Hard to believe, but there was a backlash to his comments!

Now Carson is out with a new op-ed where he explains that Harriet Tubman wouldn't even want to be on the $20 bill, because of the following GOP talking points:

The effort to rush this through under the current Obama administration is nothing short of national disgrace – an empty gesture designed to mask a much more fundamental problem: the burgeoning U.S. debt, and the declining significance of the U.S. Dollar. [...]

[S]he fought ... against America’s internal enemies – who had erected a greedy and cruel system of theft and oppression in the form of slavery. Fast forward to today. Today Americans are also being enslaved by their own government. We are being enslaved by a burgeoning national debt, which has grown at an alarming rate over the past decade. At the current level, the national debt is almost $20 trillion, a cost of over $60,000 dollars for every citizen in this country. [...]

This is nothing short of slavery by a new name, decreased purchasing power.

And if you put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, which is a piece of money (#ScienceFact), you are making her a slave again, in totally the same way she was a slave the first time, except how it's different. How dare Obama do slavery to Harriet Tubman? GRRRRR.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]We could just chock this up to how Ben Carson probably hit his head at some point in the past 50 years, damaging his brain. Maybe it happened when he was stopping that robbery at the Popeyes Organization, or maybe when God gave Carson the answers for his college chemistry final, the Almighty knocked him upside his head real good so he wouldn't remember the experience the next morning.

[wonkbar]<a href=""></a>[/wonkbar]OR we might suggest that maybe this is related to how, immediately after the new $20 was announced, some Republicans decided the best way to take the news would be to focus on how Tubman was a Republican who loved Guns 'n' Jesus, therefore if she were alive today, she'd be freedom-fighting her way up Donald Trump's ass, trying to Make America Great Again. Maybe she would be spying on the real racists, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

This is what Republicans do to Dr. King, so why wouldn't they do it to Harriet Tubman? Never mind how actually the parties switched places on a lot of things, especially racial issues, after a Democratic president passed the Civil Rights Act. Racist southern Democrats ran full stop into the warm, sticky arms of the Republican party, where they have remained to this day.

And those racists love it when black Republicans like Ben Carson -- the "good kind" of black people, in their view -- are willing to spew racist horseshit that confirms their biases, oh yes they do!

We have so many other thoughts in our head about this but black writers like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Mary C. Curtis have been kicking Carson's ass hard for shit like this SINCE 2013, and we are a white boy so we will STFU now.


Evan Hurst

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