Ben Shapiro Wants To Know Why Two Criminal Teenage Girls Aren't On Trial For Killing George Floyd?

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Ben Shapiro Wants To Know Why Two Criminal Teenage Girls Aren't On Trial For Killing George Floyd?

Mohammad Anwar was an UberEats driver from Washington DC who was carjacked last week. Two teenage girls reportedly attacked him with a stun gun and drove off in his car, with Anwar still clinging to the vehicle. When they crashed the car, the suspects walked away without major injuries, but Anwar wasn't so fortunate. He was transported to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead after "all lifesaving efforts failed." He was 66.

This is tragic and terrible, but awful people can always make it worse. Ben Shapiro shared the following deep thoughts Monday on Twitter:


He tweeted:

Barely anyone has heard of Mohammad Anwar, but everyone in America has heard of George Floyd. There's a reason for that.

The teenage girls who carjacked Anwar weren't cops. We don't expect law enforcement to routinely murder civilians. Well, I suppose white people don't expect this. Black people are past surprise, but we'd still prefer cops stop killing us, which is why we march or kneel or some other form of peaceful protest conservatives find deeply offensive.

Shapiro envies Floyd's massive PR campaign, but when protests over his death started in late May, his killer was still at large. This is how Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman described the delay.

We're going to investigate [Floyd's death] as expeditiously, as thoroughly and completely as justice demands. Sometimes, that takes a little time and we ask people to be patient. We have to do this right.

Floyd's killing was caught on video. Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey even asked why the officer responsible, Derek Chauvin, wasn't immediately arrested. It took four days before Freeman charged Chauvin and he applauded himself for this apparently miraculous turnaround time. The suspects in Anwar's killing, who are 13 and 15, were arrested on the spot and charged with felony murder and armed carjacking. Why, it was as if they'd committed a crime!

Former Dallas cop Amber Guyger shot and killed Botham Jean in his own home on a Thursday and wasn't charged until Sunday. There was an extensive investigation to determine conclusively if Jean was actually in his own house. We're all clear that those girls didn't own Anwar's car. There's no confusion on this point. Guyger pleaded non-guilty on account of white girl confusion: “Shit, I thought it was my house. Therefore, it was. Can I go home now?" This twisted Cartesian method to home ownership was considered a serious defense! Prosecutors really needed to bring their A game to get a conviction. And Jean's family was on pins and needles throughout the whole ordeal, hoping and praying that he'd receive justice.

Derek Chauvin's defense is arguing that the former cop did everything by the book when he killed Floyd. That's just how he was trained! There is no carjackers manual, and if there were, it wouldn't help Anwar's killers. The hammer is going to fall on these girls. Conservatives like Shapiro are lying if they claim there's any chance the carjackers will walk like the men who killed Breonna Tayler while she was in bed. Another city won't just hire the girls and let them resume their carjacking activities.

Right now, the only real debate is over how severely the system should punish Anwar's killers.

The video [of the carjacking] is prompting people around the country and world to question what's happening in Washington D.C. Another question raised is why the 15-year-old, at least, is not being tried as an adult?

The 15-year-old suspect shouldn't be charged as an adult for the complex legal reason that she is not actually an adult. If a 15-year-old girl saved someone's life, would she then become eligible for admission to bars and strip clubs? Could she now register to vote? It seems sick to me that we believe children can do something so terrible they should be punished like adults but they can never do anything so wonderful they should receive the privileges of adulthood.

No matter what happens, Anwar's family knows that Mohammad Anwar himself won't stand trial, in either a courtroom or the media. Rightwingers won't defame his character and imply that maybe it was good for everyone that he died. Fox News hosts won't argue that the 66-year-old Anwar really died from something other than the carjacking. Anwar's family doesn't have to see "Carjackers Lives Matter" hashtags. Teenagers who aren't carjackers don't feel personally attacked because people want to see these carjackers punished. Anwar is the only victim here, and his death was objectively a crime, not an amorphous “accident" where no one is held responsible.

This is why Black people march and kneel when the cops or even random white people kill us. This is what we mean when we declare that Black lives matter. Shapiro refuses to understand no matter how often we explain. There's a reason for that.


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