Ben Shapiro Says His 'Space Of Comfort' Has Been Destroyed By Politics In Sports

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Ben Shapiro Says His 'Space Of Comfort' Has Been Destroyed By Politics In Sports

Ben Shapiro is not happy.

He likes to watch sports. He considers watching sports to be his "place of comfort." Unfortunately, people in sports and those who write about sports keep having opinions he doesn't like or approve of, and how is that fair?

The only way to solve this problem, Ben Shapiro thinks, is to create two separate leagues for every sport — one where the players can have opinions and protest and do whatever they want, and one in that is regulated so that the players understand they are just dancing ponies who exist for Ben Shapiro's entertainment and don't say anything that might upset him or challenge his worldview.

"It's getting to the point where I don't want to watch sports," Shapiro explained during his show on Monday. "My place of comfort has been removed from me and it may not be restored until there are actual sports leagues that remove politics from the sports."

Place of comfort. Place of comfort, he says. Is there another term for that? I feel like it's on the tip of my tongue.

Shapiro explained that he feels he has been very tolerant of sports people being human persons with feelings and emotions and ideas about things, but has drawn the line at things like people kneeling in silence to protest police brutality and Caitlin Jenner appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Sure, she won a whole bunch of Olympic medals, but Ben Shapiro disapproved of her being herself, and Sports Illustrated didn't even care. He unsubscribed.

He is now considering drawing the line again, because of how LeBron James had opinions that included disagreeing with Drew Brees's opinions, which Ben Shapiro seems to have deemed acceptable.

"I'm tempted to do the same with the NBA now that you have LeBron James, who is basically willing to virtue-signal on behalf of the communist Chinese government but rip Drew Brees"

It almost seems as though Ben Shapiro is very supportive of sports people who agree with Ben Shapiro expressing their political opinions, but would like sports to be entirely free of people who do not agree with Ben Shapiro, at least vocally.

Admittedly, I do not know a ton about sports. It is not really my jam. But it sure seems to me that sports has always been political. Segregated leagues, people getting kicked off of sports teams for being gay, black and Jewish golf players being unable to compete in certain tournaments because they were held at country clubs that did not allow such people on their property. Not to mention the many, many athletes who were also big civil rights activists. And in recent years, there has been tsuris about trans women competing against cis women. It seems like an issue about sports that a sports magazine might illustrate.

It also seems as though a sports league wherein players were not allowed to have political opinions would also be political. Because banning people from having political opinions would also be a political act. It also also appears that Shapiro's primary issue here, in regards to players themselves, is that they are angry about police brutality against black people. He was clearly not bothered by Tim Tebow sharing his personal opinions or convictions about things.

If there were to be a sports team where the players were allowed only to express opinions like those of Drew Brees and Tim Tebow — about how much they love the American flag and Jesus — and were not allowed to be mad at racism, ever, what would that team look like?

Ben Shapiro is on record talking a whole lot about how much he hates "snowflakes" who need their "safe spaces." In fact, it has been pretty much his entire act for his entire career — being very upset at college students who don't want to hear from him or be discriminated against by professors who agree with him.

The problem with safe spaces ft. Ben Shapiro |

Please to recall:

So you want your safe space.

I know, I know, you are in your dorm, you're ensconced there, and you feel so comfortable with all of your friends who tell you that you're just a great person and all your beliefs are exactly right. The last thing you want is somebody invading your campus and saying things that you disagree with, because that's just tyrannical and awful. You shouldn't have to feel like you're wrong ever. You should always feel like you're right.

Well, toughen up, sweetheart. I mean, the bottom line is that it's time for you to learn that there are a lot of differing opinions. Discussion is good for you. It makes your views stronger. It makes your views more durable. Maybe your opinion is changed. Maybe it's not. But in any case, it is that exchange of ideas that actually makes an intellectual community worth having. And if you're not willing to engage in that intellectual community, you're in the wrong place. If you want a safe space, we can find a padded cell for you somewhere.

If you want life to just be a giant teddy bear, go back to being a child. But if you want to be an adult in the United States of America, you're going to have to deal with the fact that there are people who disagree, and that's a good thing to discuss.

Unless you are an adult man whose special precious sportstime is being ruined by the sports players being human beings with opinions and not life-sized animatronic dolls.

There are, of course, a lot of big differences here! For one, college students are paying to be at college. They are paying for a service. When people pay for a service, they do not pay to be insulted — unless it's a sex thing or they are at one of those themey diners where all of the servers are out-of-work actors who pretend to be mean. Sure, Ben Shapiro can pay to be at a football game, but it's hardly the same deal. He can get it for free on the television, and the sports teams therefore really do not owe him anything.

For another, the "safe spaces" he is always so up in arms about are basically just groups of people mutually agreeing to hang out together and setting certain rules for that particular environment. The understanding is that members of groups who face discrimination and prejudice deserve a break from that shit every once in a while.

Ben Shapiro doesn't like that. He thinks that if black people don't feel like dealing with racism for a minute, or trans people would like to chill for a bit and not be around anyone they have to justify their existence to, they are stupid spoiled snowflakes who will never learn how to deal with adversity. Unlike Ben Shapiro, a spoiled rich kid who is throwing a tantrum because athletes have opinions and thinks the only solution is someone creating parallel sports leagues where he does not have to be inconvenienced by such things.


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