Benghazi Republican: Why Didn't Hillary Have Lesbian Sleepovers With Ambassador Stevens?

Seriously, Congressman?

So ... um ... this just happened at the Benghazi hearing, and we do not even know what the even.

Republican Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo -- you remember him from this morning, he's real jealous of how Hillz has friends and he doesn't -- picked up right where he left off, during the afternoon round of questioning:

POMPEO: Ambassador Stevens did not have your personal email address, we've established that.

CLINTON: Yes, that's right.

POMPEO: Did he have your cell phone number?

CLINTON: No, but he had the 24-hour number of the state operations in the State Department that can reach me 24/7.

POMPEO: Yes, ma'am. Did he have your fax number?

CLINTON: He had the fax number of the State Department.

POMPEO: Did he have your home address?

Wait, what? WHAT?

CLINTON: No, I don't think any ambassador has ever asked me for that.

POMPEO: Did he ever stop by your house?

CLINTON:No, he did not, Congressman.

POMPEO: Mr. Blumenthal had each of those, and did each of those things. This man who provided so much information to you on Libya had access to you in ways that were very different than the access that a very senior diplomat had to you and your person.

Ha! He so nailed her! A dude who's been friends will Bill and Hillz since the era of shoulder pads has her cell phone and her pager and her Snapchat and her home address, and has totally partied so hard with her in her rec room. But did Hillary ever Facebook friend Ambassador Stevens? No! Instead, she let him die in Benghazi, on purpose, according to the evil plans detailed in her emails Republicans are gonna find any day now. ANY. DAY.

And if that doesn't prove, um -- what the hell is that supposed to prove again?

Nothing. It proves nothing. Other than the secretary of state didn't have people who worked on the other side of the planet just droppin' by her house, where she lived with a certain former president, surrounded by their respective Secret Service details, all of which is completely irrelevant.

Unless this dumbass congressman genuinely believes that if only Ambassador Stevens had been besties with Clinton and had her personal cell, he could have texted her and he and the other Americans who died in Benghazi would be alive today, sharing funny cat videos with Madam Secretary on the Faceplace. Yeah, that must be it.



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