Big Gubmint's So-Called 'Probation' Keeps James O'Keefe Out of Tampa

Big Gubmint's So-Called 'Probation' Keeps James O'Keefe Out of Tampa

What has the mean old federal government done to rising indie filmmaker James O'Keefe now? They won't even let him go to Tampa for a speaking gig. Today he was scheduled to speak and take questions at a luncheon hosted by the James Madison Institute, some winger think tank or another. Nowhe's doing that by Skype, because there's a little thing called "probation" on his record from that time he and his idiot friends tried to break into the telephone system of a federal building in Louisiana, to record a Senator. Why are government laws suppressing James O'Keefe like this?

Here's the peculiar, self-victimizing update from the James Madison Institute's website:

JMI Tampa Luncheon Update: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the guest speaker for our luncheon, James O’Keefe, will not be able to personally attend JMI’s event tomorrow. However, he will participate via Skype with both remarks and a robust Q & A session. Come hear why the federal government has revoked permission for him to travel to Tampa.

Despite the government’s restrictions, not all is lost for this citizen journalist in the age of new media. Even by Skype, if you have yet to see one of Mr. O’Keefe’s presentations, we believe you will find it thought-provoking and entertaining.

Ooh, we can guess why: Because he's on fucking probation.

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