To be fair, it's a way better photoshop than I'd ever manage.

Yesterday was one heck of a big news day! You had Hope Hicks resigning; Team Mueller investigating Trump's talk of firing Jeff Sessions and also looking into just when Trump started talking about Russia hacking the DNC; a teacher barricading himself in his classroom before firing off a shot in a Georgia high school; a major story on Jared Kushner getting loans from people who happened to visit him at the White House; Donald Trump casually mentioning he'd be OK with taking guns away from some people first, and doing "due process later," and those are just the things that come to mind without looking very carefully. So obviously, Fox's evening shriekfests led with the really big news:

Carlson may have eventually gotten to the actual news, but here's his justification for going with the DEMOCRATS LETTING FOREIGNERS VOTE story:

There is a lot of news going on; we'll get to it in just a minute, but first, a bigger story that we think will shape the country your grandchildren will inhabit, maybe more than any other. The nation's immigration laws are breaking down before our eyes. The people charged with enforcing those laws are instead destroying them.

Except, no, the new Chicago ID cards -- which will indeed be available regardless of one's immigration status -- are for use in the city's transit and library systems. They aren't voter IDs -- and, oh, hey, Illinois does not require a photo ID to vote anyway. So yes, there was other news, but Fox considered it secondary to just plain lying about scary illegal immigrants voting. Or even worse, riding the bus.

That second story is at least real-ish, as the Wake Forest Poor Us We Are Very Oppressed Conservatives rightwing student newspaper (motto: "Truth Without Fear") reports:

After two Wake Forest students handed senior Ryan Wolfe a box of saltine crackers and photoshopped his face onto a cracker, Wolfe requested to open a judicial case under the verbal abuse and racial harassment policies.

“I support the free speech rights of students,” Wolfe said. “But in this case, I wanted to see if the school would enforce their rules surrounding verbal and abuse equally regardless of who was involved in the case. I knew that similar rhetoric about the identity of other groups would not be tolerated.”

And when did this gross violation of Wake Forest's campus speech code occur? A week before the 2016 election. Rightwing media have been eating up the story, so it's not surprising it found a place in Carlson's nightly Culture War Cavalcade, but we're pretty sure other stuff happened yesterday.

Thank Crom, Sean Hannity was surely going to get to some of the really important news of the day, right? Media Matters senior researcher Andrew Lawrence twote these here screengrabs of the key points in Hannity's Wednesday night A-block, adding only the straightforward comment, "Hannity is absolutely lit tonight, y'all":

Jared who? Hope what? Who cares -- Hillary Clinton will be impeached any day now. At least Hannity seems to have said something about the FBI, so there's some news for you. Sadly, we didn't Tivo the Hannifollies, so we don't know whether he mentioned Benghazi. Bet he did!

Aw, but we are not being fair at all to Mr. Hannity: He actually did mention Hope Hicks's resignation. In a piece where Anthony Scaramucci and Hannity invited her to come over and work at Fox.

Awww. Isn't that nice? Hope floats.

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Ryan Reilly via Sam Stein on Twitter / Media Matters / Snopes / Andrew Lawrence on Twitter / Media Matters]

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