To be fair, it's a way better photoshop than I'd ever manage.

Yesterday was one heck of a big news day! You had Hope Hicks resigning; Team Mueller investigating Trump's talk of firing Jeff Sessions and also looking into just when Trump started talking about Russia hacking the DNC; a teacher barricading himself in his classroom before firing off a shot in a Georgia high school; a major story on Jared Kushner getting loans from people who happened to visit him at the White House; Donald Trump casually mentioning he'd be OK with taking guns away from some people first, and doing "due process later," and those are just the things that come to mind without looking very carefully. So obviously, Fox's evening shriekfests led with the really big news:

Carlson may have eventually gotten to the actual news, but here's his justification for going with the DEMOCRATS LETTING FOREIGNERS VOTE story:

Doktor Zoom

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