Bill O'Reilly Making Even Less Sense Than Usual, Lauds Ted Nugent's Doubleplus Goodthink


Here is another video of Bill O'Reilly not making a hell of a lot of sense. Follow this logic: He starts by saying that Barack Obama "has been somewhat successful in demonizing Republicans," a point which he illustrates with a clip of Bobby Jindal saying the GOP needs to "stop being the stupid party" and start talking "like adults." Um, yes, that really shows us something about the President's demonizing agenda. Is Billo saying that Jindal has fallen prey to Obama's mind-control rays? We do not know.

Then, to counter Jindal, we get stupid Donald Trump saying Jindal was really stupid to say "stupid," because now everyone will associate Republicans with "stupid" and Bobby Jindal's face. Had Jindal not said that, we would associate the GOP with intellects like Donald Trump.

And then, as an example of the kind of "straight talk" the GOP needs to win back the hearts of Americans on gun control, we get Ted Nugent yelling at some other moron about how we should leave law-abiding gun owners alone and focus on "the nutjobs" and "the murderers" instead (leaving aside that plenty of murderers -- including nutjobs -- are law-abiding up to the moment they shoot someone). Why doesn't the GOP have more sensible, straightforward thinkers like Ted Nugent, asks Billo. Because presumably the party currently has a shortage of people willing to say "suck on my machine gun."

And he thinks that Barack Obama has been the one tarnishing Republicans' image?

And then there is this other video, with Billo saying that "you never hear anything on NBC" about the Obama Administration's legal argument for drone strikes -- except that NBC News broke the story on the Justice Department's memo about the legal argument.

We are unsure whether these clips add more weight to the "Bill O'Reilly has been a bizarre performance artist plant all along" hypothesis, or to the "Bill O'Reilly's producers have gotten really fucking lazy" hypothesis.

[Media Matters / Mediaite]

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