Bill O’Reilly Thinks Coronavirus Victims Should Just Die Already, But Those Are *Last Week's* Talking Points

Bill O’Reilly Thinks Coronavirus Victims Should Just Die Already, But Those Are *Last Week's* Talking Points

Welcome to another "Bill O'Reilly is the worst!" post. The disgraced former Fox News host who was disgraceful before he was fired finally — because of repeated sexual harassment accusations turned up on Sean Hannity's radio show Wednesday where the two very rich and privileged men complained about how the coronavirus pandemic has proven damned inconvenient.

HANNITY: I want life back to normal, can you fix that in a simple way?

O'REILLY: Oh man I wish I could, you know?

HANNITY: Oh, me too.

These fools both live in New York, where the coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 7,000 people. They act as if their mom has grounded them, and they're missing “Beach Week" with Brett.

O'REILLY: But we're making little steps. Bernie Sanders, you know, he's — he's gone, that's really good for everybody.

Why? Sanders didn't run on a pro-pandemic platform, and we're already getting our socialist on as we try to keep the economy from bleeding out on us. It's weird that during a public health crisis so many people are delighted that a candidate dropped out whose signature issue was ... health care. I guess it's not that weird because O'Reilly probably doesn't care about anyone's health but his own and the charter members of his country club.

O'REILLY: The projections that you just mentioned are down to 60,000, I don't think it will be that high.

Please proceed, Dr. O'Reilly. I didn't know that when you weren't calling black women employees “Hot Chocolate," you were studying up on infectious disease patterns.

O'REILLY: 13,000 dead now in the USA. Many people who are dying, both here and around the world, were on their last legs anyway, and I don't want to sound callous about that.

Jesus Christ, this guy's a monster. A high school friend who now lives in New Jersey survived the coronavirus, but his 12-year-old neighbor wasn't so lucky. He died en route to the hospital. He was asthmatic, so I guess he was just on his “last legs" anyway, right, you fucking asshole? Don't dare try to get Darwinian about the coronavirus. There are no “deserving" victims. That's evident when John Prine and Ellis Marsalis have left this world and Bill O'Reilly is still stinking up the joint.

So many conservatives who claim they're "pro-life" demonstrate little regard for the lives that are already here and breathing. O'Reilly once grossly claimed that women would terminate their pregnancies because they had a migraine. Women who have abortions aren't the sociopaths here. It's O'Reilly.

Back in 2016, O'Reilly responded with indignation when Hillary Clinton strongly defended a woman's right to choose during one of the presidential debates.

O'REILLY: In a humane country, the unborn must be protected to some extent by the government. Otherwise we don't have any moral authority over anything.

If America is still humane, its government would do everything it can to prevent unnecessary deaths from the coronavirus, even if the most vulnerable are “on their last legs." This includes children with asthma, the immunocompromised, and even black people if we're going to take the whole “all life has value" principle to its extreme. (It wouldn't surprise me, though, if O'Reilly believed black people collectively were on our “last legs.")

Hannity cautioned O'Reilly that people might not appreciate his “weak will perish" perspective.

O'REILLY: Well, I don't care. I mean, a simple man tells the truth.

You're not a teller of harsh truths, O'Reilly. You're just quite simply a horrible person.

[Media Matters]

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