Bitter Old Senators And Hot Young Thing Deeply Troubled By Americans' Inexplicable Refusal To Freak Out Over Benghazi


Egad! Horrible lying liar Susan Rice and acting CIA Director Mike Morrell met with senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and new amiga Kelly Ayotte, and she scurrilously admitted that what she said on TV talk shows five days after the Benghazi attacks was factually incorrect because she didn't have all the facts at the time she said that the attack was being investigated. McCain, Graham, and Ayotte immediately told reporters that the real scandal here is that when Rice went on TV, she said a thing that turned out not to be true, simply because the CIA had told her that thing, and instead of simply saying "we don't know," she said that they thought maybe it was one thing, but they were still looking into it. How dare she mislead the American people like that!

No, really, that is the actual controversy, as near as we can figure out.

It's not even about the actual events in Benghazi -- the notion that the administration could have magically rescued the diplomats and security team has largely returned to the loonosphere whence it came, and while there might be political hay to be made over whether the consulate in Benghazi had adequate security (which the Republicans had cut funding for), the three senators are making Susan Rice's Sept. 16 appearances on Sunday news shows their focus, trying to gin up some plausible reason to block her nomination as Secretary of State.

There's a telling moment at 5:37 in the clip above, where Lindsey Graham mentions, almost as an aside, the 2005 confirmation fight over John Bolton's nomination to be UN Ambassador (as you may recall, Democrats -- and one doomed Republican -- filibustered, so G.W. Bush gave him a recess appointment to the post).

So really, this looks like long-delayed Confirmation Payback, but of course these twits can't come right out and SAY that, except for how Sen. Graham kind of, you know, says it, right there.

In other news, McCain, Graham, and Ayotte are still pretty much OK with the intelligence that led to the invasion of Iraq.


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