No need to worry, everything's fine

Remember how the GOP autopsied itself after 2012 down at the plantation (the actual plantation) and discovered it is a racist, sexist, everythingphobic piece of crap party, and that's why it lost the White House to the secret Kenyanesian Muslim black dude again? Republicans decided to do #Outreach to make the chicks and colored folks please don't leave forever, m'kay? (Screw you homosexbians, GOP still don't want nunya "log cabin" sinning dirtying up its sacred airport men's rooms.)

So yeah. That whole outreach thing is going swell! The Republican National Committee has a nice lady in charge of telling The Blacks Lincoln was a Republican, or whatever the latest pitch is, and she's so happy to -- oh. Oh wait. Hang on. This just in:

The Republican National Committee's Director of African American outreach is leaving the organization.

Kristal Quarker-Hartsfield is the highest ranking African American at the Republican National Committee and is responsible for strategy around the African American vote. NBCBLK has learned that Quarker-Hartsfield's official last day at the RNC will be April 1. [...]

A source close to Quarker-Hartsfield confirmed that she is taking a high level job with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan as his Director of Intergovernmental Affairs.

Hang on, Kristal, why would you ever want to leave this incredibly powerful position at the RNC? Aside from the obvious fact that working for Gov. Whatshisface as director of Interwhatever Stuff is anyone's dream job.

It's not because you've realized the complete soul-crushing futility of trying to make your party appealing to the very people on whose heads it is constantly pooping, is it? You're not afraid if your job made you go to the convention in Cleveland this summer, Donald Trump's goon squad would teach you a lesson about how Trump Lives Matter, are you? Nahhhh. It definitely has nothing to do with how much the RNC and the whole rotted-from-the-head party sucks, and its front-running presidential candidate gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up from the KKK, and the party is like "Eh, well, that's too bad, but oh well," right? Definitely not that:

Insiders stress that Quarker-Hartsfield's departure has more to do with a big job opportunity than dissatisfaction with the RNC. Quarker-Hartsfield is said to have enjoyed a very productive working relationship with top RNC leadership. But there is sure to be buzz that yet another high-level African American departure is connected to the rise of Donald Trump and the split in the Republican party - joined with a growing unease around Trump's likely nomination.

Another? The RNC had more than one non-white dude person working there? AT THE SAME TIME?!

That there has been a mass exodus of Black staff from the RNC is undeniable. Quarker-Hartsfield and [Orlando] Watson are two of four top African American staffers to leave the RNC over the past year. Raffi Williams, the former RNC Deputy Press Secretary and the son of FOX News political analyst Juan Williams left the RNC last year for a job in media. Another African American RNC staffer Tara Wall, who was a strategist for Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign and worked for the RNC as a senior strategist for media and engagement, left in late 2015. The sole remaining top level African American staffer would appear to be Lucas Boyce.

Guess Maryland's governor has been real busy handing out dream jobs lately! At least they still have their one black friend (no pressure, Lucas!). So the Grand Ol' Party can be secure in the knowledge that it is much better at talking to taker-moocher Messican black female ladies, and when all of them vote for the the Democrat this November, it won't be the Republicans' fault because they totally learned their lesson last time, so we good now.

[NBC News]


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