Black Man Arrested, Fired From Job For Trying To Cash Large Check

Post-apocalyptic America has a few rules still, like "stay out of trailer parks at night," and "personal mobility scooters are hilarious, in every context." Did we have to say that? NO, on to the real issue: America also has some very awful rules, like "automatically assume a black man walking into a bank with a check probably stole it." Ikenna Njoku is a black manwho walked into his Chase bank to cash a check for $8,463 that Chase itself sent him as part of a tax rebate for being a first time home buyer. But per the rule, the teller found it suspicious the he was not poor or unemployed, and also black.

“She asked me what I did for a living," Njoku said. "Asked me where I got the check from, looked me up and down—like ‘you just bought a house in Auburn, really?’ She didn’t believe that,” he said. So, Chase had him arrested.

The teller reported the check as a fake, which it was not, and THINGS SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL. Hooray for post-racial America: reports:

Njoku was taken to jail on June 24, 2010, which was a Thursday. The next day, Chase Special Investigations, realized it was a mistake. The check was legitimate. The Investigator called Auburn Police and left a message with the detective handling the case, but it was her day off. So Njoku stayed in jail for the entire weekend. Finally, on Monday, he was released.


He said he also lost his job because he didn’t show up for work while he was in jail.

After all of that, Njoku said he never heard a word from Chase.

“They haven’t even sent me a letter or apologized,” he said. “It’s been a year we’ve been trying to contact these guys.”

This is your new Chase "customer service policy" starting today. And this guy only tried to cash a check; do not overdraw your checking account, because you do not want to know what happens then. []


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