Blagojevich May Starve Due To Lack Of Book Riches


When Rod Blagojevich lost his cush job as governor of Illinois, everybody wondered how he would ever be able to put food on his family again because he was qualified to perform zero useful functions outside of being America's Clown. But then he got a book deal and people were all, "Oh hey nice six-figure book deal you got there, even if it's chicken scratch compared to what you could have gotten in bribes if you'd stayed in office." Now we "turn the page" on another "chapter" (GET IT???) of this exciting story.

The Illinois state Senate very vindictively voted to deny Blagojevich the right to get rich off his book, the same way that murderers cannot profit from their tell-all memoirs. But Blagojevich is just a petty dingus without any of the great crookery skills that criminals reading his book would want to know about anyway, so what's the problem? Not to mention BILL OF ATTAINDER much??? So who knows, maybe he'll get to keep his $$$ after all if somebody important decides that the legislation was a bunch of bunk.

Oh also Blagojevich's wife is going to be on that reality show, Help I Am A Lady Married To That Guy With The Hair, Pls Rescue Me From This Pit Of Crocodiles, so if she is not eaten by an adder she can collect a paycheck and use THAT to feed the downtrodden Blagojevich clan.

Blago's Boffo Book Bucks Blocked? [Gawker]Legislation won't let Blagojevich cash in on book deal [Chicago Sun-Times]

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