Blah Blah, Sen. Mike Lee Wants Child Labor Legal Again, Blah Blah


[youtube expand=1]

What a boring Friday! Why is that Loughner kid not doing anything crazy? There are so many reporters there in Tucson, ready for him to lick a bailiff. What are we supposed to talk about, each vote in that RNC election? Meh. Or that the new Utah senator says the ban on child labor is unconstitutional? Fine.

Yes, Mike Lee put this video up on YouTube last week. He was giving a lecture, just like a real professor of not understanding the Constitution. Even Antonin Scalia doesn't agree with this narrow definition of the Commerce Clause (that it more or less means nothing), Think Progress says, and the decision he cites was unanimously overturned by the Supreme Court after the Great Depression, which, coincidentally, showed commerce restrictions were sort of necessary, kind of, you know.

Not that any of this matters. The Constitution doesn't matter. The only thing the government should do is force women to carry fetuses in their bodies until they're babies and give rich people money. As the founders, of Godfathers Pizza, wanted. [Think Progress]


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