Bless Those Dumb Trump Supporters' Hearts. Honest To God, BLESS 'EM!

Bless his heart.

Y'all know what "bless your heart" means, right? If you are not familiar with the South, or if you think you know what it means, but you are unaware of how you are wrong, let yr Wonkette, a southerner, sexplain it to you. "Bless your heart!" is an expression of something anywhere along the line between bemused pity and abject disdain. It can mean literally anything from, "Lord, how DO you tie your shoes in the morning?" to "I'm of half a mind to plant MY shoe inside your ass, how would you like that, you filthy piece of knock-off trash?" Both are valid feelings, and well within the bounds of "Bless your heart!" We don't know where the expression came from, but we're going to guess it's based on how our lord Jesus was always blessing people, regardless of whether He was healing them or fucking their shit up at the time.

And so, we come to this video of anti-Trump protesters outside Donald Trump's poorly attended Hitler rally in Nashville on Wednesday night. These very nice southern liberal Democratics came together to greet their Trump-supporting neighbor with a hearty chant of "Bless your heart!"

Now, knowing how well-mannered we Southerns actually aren't are, we're going to guess the protesters' feelings were more along the lines of "Hot damn, you're dumb as a molten bag of dicks" or "FYI, glue is not food," rather than something impolite, ugly or violent. That's just not how we are.

The Trump guy responded by trying to chant "You're a snowflake!" in rhythm with the "Bless your heart!" shouters, but bless his heart, he just sounded like a common Donald Trump who doesn't know how to words good:

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