Mitt Romney Tells Angry Americans: 'Corporations Are People' Too

Mitt Romney Tells Angry Americans: 'Corporations Are People' Too

Aren't there any presidential candidates any more who will bother to stand up for all the corporations in these weary times? Does Mitt Romney have to be the one to do it? Oh fine, he'll just say it, he'll say it right now, right here to this crowd of angry people standing in front of him in Iowa: "Corporations are people, my friend." There,he said it. Now nobody ever forget about their common humanity with corporations. They are one of you! Hold hands and buy matching t-shirts! What? Uh-oh, Mittens did not entirely win over the crowd with this statement! Who even knows why? Hecklers shouted back, "No, they're not!" To which Mittens cackles at them incredulously and says, "Of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately earn goes to people." Why does Mittens always have to explain economics to everyone? Let's watch him try:

Here is warblogger Dave Weigel's video of Mitt shouting down the masses with some free business lessons:

Good job, Mitt. Always standing up for the big guy, even when the going gets tough. [Dave Weigel]


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