Border Patrol Nabs Dangerous Grandparents Trying To Invade Military Base, Visit Son-In-Law

Concepcion and Margarito Silva had big plans to celebrate the Fourth of July with a son-in-law who's stationed at Fort Drum in upstate New York. Instead, the Army called la Migra on them and they got dragged off to ICE detention, because they're seriously bad hombres who don't have papers (even though they do have papers). Don't you feel a lot safer now?

The relative, a sergeant in the Army, hasn't been named in press reports, and because of DOD rules isn't allowed to say anything about the arrest. Their son, Eduardo Silva, told New York's WNBC his parents came to the US illegally from Mexico 20 years ago, but have a Department of Labor work permit from 2007, as if that mattered. They also have valid New York City photo ID cards which, in the past, they'd used for visits to relatives on military bases, but that's all changed now, because the USA! USA! USA! is cracking down on sanctuary cities and their pretend photo IDs for illegal human beings, and by god if you deliver pizza or visit a relative on a military base while suspiciously brown, the protocol now demands checking a database to see if you're some kind of foreign infiltrator. The Army issued a statement explaining they were just protecting America:

On July 4, 2018, two people attempted to gain access to Fort Drum without Department of Defense approved identification, which all visitors are required to present. Fort Drum security personnel identified a discrepancy with their passports. This prompted security personnel to contact Customs and Border Patrol.

The family also says both parents recently had surgery, and that ICE apparently is refusing to let Mrs. Silva have her medication, according to a phone call she was able to make to them. They haven't heard from their father yet. WNBC dutifully reported that they were unable to verify whether ICE had withheld her meds, or whether either of the elder Silvas have a criminal record, but as nine million members of the Trump Flying Monkey Brigade on Facebook will readily point out, just having come to the USA illegally, no matter how long ago, is reason to deport them immediately because they're undoubtedly taking a REAL American's grandparenting job:

The law is the law is the law, and it must be enforced, say all these great Americans who always pay every last penny of their taxes and have certainly never ever gone above the speed limit. Haha, we are kidding, that kind of lawbreaking is perfectly legitimate because it's done by citizens.

Besides, if we're fixing to deport The Troops themselves, why should their illegal in-laws get any consideration? AMERICA IS BEST.

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