Bored Media Decides To Sink Donald Trump's Candidacy

Bored Media Decides To Sink Donald Trump's Candidacy

It's been a rather slow news week, so the media elites and pretty much everyone else have decided it's time to unleash the research that will ruin Donald Trump's shot at the Republican presidential nomination. (Not like it was hard to uncover or anything.) 2012's cartoon rich man frontrunner won't even make it to his "before June" announcement date -- his own books already prove that he's in favor of universal health care, against abortion,and hates Ronald Reagan. And his beautiful orange-tanned mouth is not helping. Here's Trump's answer on whether there's a right to privacy in the Constitution: "I guess there is, I guess there is."

This will be an interesting debate when Trump appoints three of his children to the Supreme Court.

Yesterday, the Club for Growth said Trump abused eminent domain laws and "tried to evict an elderly widow" to build a "limousine waiting area" at one of his constantly bankrupt casinos. "What is the Club for Growth and who are they supporting?" Trump said when asked about it. "I had heard that they have a favored candidate, whoever that may be." He seems to be really good at this politics thing! Very knowledgeable! A++++ strategy! [Think Progress/TPM/Club for Growth/Politico]


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