Bored With Blimps, Paultards Will Now Begin Jumping Out of Planes


Blimps, they are so 2008. Why have a blimp when you can have it rain actual Paultards all over your New Hampshire campaign event?

Skydivers will jump from a helicopter over Derry on Sept. 29 for an aerial display and then land in a residential yard, highlighting a special question-and-answer session about the future of the nation with Presidential Candidate Ron Paul.

"When you sky dive, ultimately, you take responsibility for yourself. There's a reward, but also risk," Erica Layon said. "That's the essence of Paul; if people expect to have rewards, they should be willing to take risk."

Skydiving is self-regulated, she said, not mandated.

That's too bad. We sort of enjoy the idea of government-mandated skydiving. [The Daily Paul]


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