Both Christians And Muslims Hate 'Noah' So You Atheists Have To Watch It Now


Epic bible-banger Titanic crossover thrill ride Noah hasn't come out yet, but it's already had a hard road. First the Christians grumbled about how they hadn't seen it but knew it would get two thumbs down from Jesus. Now here come some Islamists to top that and issue a fatwa against the movie.

The fatwa - a ruling or injunction under the laws of Islam - was made by the influential Al-Azhar institution in Egypt's capital Cairo, a centre of Sunni Islam thought which was founded in around AD970 and includes a university and a mosque.

'Al-Azhar... renews its objection to any act depicting the messengers and prophets of God and the companions of the Prophet (Mohammad), peace be upon him,' it announced in a statement.

The fatwa added that the depictions 'provoke the feelings of believers... and are forbidden in Islam and a clear violation of Islamic law'.

Do not provoke the feelings of believers! Do not taunt believers! Believers who are pregnant or over the age of 75 may be especially susceptible to side effects of Noah.



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