Brian Ross' Magical Cell Phone Wrongly Claims Dudes Are Terrorists


What's that, phone? The terrorists KIDNAPPED North Dakota?Oh, remember that ABC News story from Monday about how terrorists were doing a "dry run" (no semen) on some airplanes? No, you don't, as Wonkette is your only news source, and we this was just an "unusual set of circumstances," and authorities say nothing terroristy was happening. But ABC has kept the story up on their website and not edited or corrected it in any way, to make sure these guys' Google results will forever tell people they're terrorists. BRIAN ROSS JUST DRY-RUNNED YOUR FACE!

Salon also highlights this exchange from World News Tonight on Monday:

BRIAN ROSS: It's not clear why they shipped all these things in the bags. But it has raised serious concerns, especially with the approach of the September 11th anniversary.

DIANE SAWYER: They may have been a kind of advance team coming here to try to...

BRIAN ROSS: That is a concern.

Haha, "advance team." Yes, they were making sure the terrorists had water bottles and a copy of their speech. And also bendy straws if the terrorists are Sarah Palin.

But your afternoon editor will make a prediction: No terrorism is happening on September 11 of this year. Nobody cares about nine-year anniversaries. All everyone will be talking about this year, terrorists included, is what we will have to do to make the decade anniversary in 2011 the BEST 9/11 PARTY EVAH. [Salon]


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