Brave Hero Breitbart Reporter CRUSHES Dumb Buzzfeed Guy Who Lied All Over Donald Trump

Brave Hero Breitbart Reporter CRUSHES Dumb Buzzfeed Guy Who Lied All Over Donald Trump

These are dark days indeed for McKay Coppins, some dumb guy from Buzzfeed who wrote atotally uncalled-for scurrilous PACK OF LIES about Donald Trump, who as everyone knows is the YOOGEST, CLASSIEST GUY, and then McKay Coppins forced Donald Trump to fire his own top aide! What a dick! It is dark days for McKay Coppins because he just got PWNED by hero reporter Matthew Boyle, of Ghost Andrew Breitbart's Internet Hideaway for Craven Sniveling Soul-Free Shitweasels Super Good Reporters Who Will TRUTH ALL OVER YOUR FACE. Let us read and marvel at M. Boyle's masterclass in journalisming all over Coppins and his so-called "reporting," including allegations of eyerape, not to mention scumbaggery, together!

  • Coppins is a nervous geek who slouched and was intimidated by the ubermenschy masculinity of Mr. Trump, and also he bleaches his hair.

    Trump, the real estate magnate, television star and conservative provocateur looked at Coppins as a nervous geek excited to finally meet an icon. Three weeks later, the same awkward, wire-rimmed Coppins had filed one of the most venomous hit pieces in recent memory, savaging Trump as a perennial fake candidate, a con artist expertly exploiting speculation about whether he might run for office. [...]

    Many reporters who get a shot at “The Donald” exude confidence, but on the plane, Coppins was quiet, reserved, and nervous, those present, including Trump, recall. He maintains an awkward, geeky persona, with a choppy bleach blonde haircut and medium-thick rimmed glasses protruding from his oversized forehead. Coppins slouched in his chair during his interview with Trump, seeming intimidated.

    “He would answer the questions, but he wouldn’t speak out on his own—he would only talk within our conversations,” Nunberg said.

  • Coppins walks around referring to himself as a "big reporter" all the time, which is absolutely a thing that people say about themselves in real life, even ones who are not Donald Trump, and you can definitely tell it is not "made up."

    [Trump aide Michael] Cohen said Coppins' claim in the article fit with how he handled himself in New Hampshire, walking around “talking about how he was this ‘big reporter’ and so on, he mentioned that several times about him being this ‘big reporter.’”

  • Buzzfeed does cat videos and not real journalism like Breitbart.

    Trump tried to make small talk, asking him about his previous trips to Florida, his publication – a liberal blog that gets most of its traffic from viewers who came for the funny cat videos that are its parent site's mainstay – and so on. But Coppins' icy demeanor didn't melt.
  • Coppins was a total douche who was super ostentatious about not letting Donald Trump buy him stuff and also about being "ethical," like some kinda fag.

    They arrived at the resort and Trump—like he does for everybody who arrives with him—offered Coppins the works. Clothes, room, food, drink—anything he wanted, it was on the house. “What he did is not out of the ordinary for anybody,” Nunberg said about Trump’s offers to Coppins.

    On it's [sic] face, that sounds like a generous gesture. But Coppins, in his piece, suggested ulterior motives, repeatedly bringing up his company's ethics policy in an unusual an ostentatious way.

  • Donald Trump does not leer at women, but McKay Coppins is pretty much eyeraping and eyestrangling and eyethrowinginaditch every woman he comes across. McKay Coppins should probably be IN JAIL.

    He also quoted Trump making disparaging remarks about women – “there are a lot of good-looking women here,” Trump said, according to Coppins – which came as something of a shock to the Trump aides and resort workers who had to deal with the reporter's antics.

    [Bianca] Pop, the resort hostess, recalled Coppins looking at her like she was “yummy” and said she didn't care for his treatment one bit.

    “This is my job. I’m here every day. And I don’t want to mix work with something else. And I think I’m doing a professional job,” she said.

    Pop said Coppins, who is married and has a young daughter, gawked at her like he had wanted a “cup of me or something.”

    “I remember him being a little bit nasty, and he was coming on toward me, but I put him off immediately,” she said. “I don’t remember the exact words, but the exchanges that he had with me were not very nice. You know, I was not feeling comfortable. I know he was also nasty to the waitresses here.”

  • McKay Coppins thinks his wife is a dumb fat bitch and said so to Donald Trump, because you just cannot shut that McKay Coppins up except when you are complaining that he stayed silent the whole time.

    Trump also recalled a startling comment from Coppins.

    “There were two beautiful girls walking around Mar-a-Lago,” Trump told Breitbart News in a phone interview about the matter. “He said to me, ‘boy, I wish my wife looked like that’ while he was gawking at them. Unbelievable. What a scumbag.”

  • Also, McKay Coppins is a scumbag.
  • McKay Coppins orders bison burgers in an untoward way.

    Nunberg, too, said Coppins ogled a waitress when the two ordered bison burgers at a resort restaurant in an untoward way.

    “I was told that one of the staffers who was watching us being served by a female waitress was extremely upset to see that McKay was staring at the waitress when her back was towards us,” Nunberg said. “They didn’t like being looked up and down. I felt so about his behavior had to apologize for McKay,” he added.

Now that's what I call journalism!


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