Brave Oregon GOP Heroes Firehosed Out Of Venue Just For Raffling Off Rifle In Honor Of MLK

Brave Oregon GOP Heroes Firehosed Out Of Venue Just For Raffling Off Rifle In Honor Of MLK

Well, it pretty much stands to reason that ifTed Nugent is Rosa Parks and the sacred fight against all gun control is the new civil rights movement, then the Multnomah Republican Party should celebrate Martin Luther King and Abraham Lincoln by raffling off an AR-15 rifle (or a handgun of the winner's choice) at their February 15 Lincoln Day Dinner. (Awful though the ad up top is, we do want to point out that it was not used for the raffle -- that's just random race-baiting argybargy from gun fondlers.) For some reason, a lot of people found the announcement of the raffle and fundraising dinner -- with its line about honoring "two great Republicans" -- to be lacking in taste somehow, despite the documented fact that both King and Lincoln gave their lives in the struggle to ensure that no one at a gun show ever face a background check or a limit on the size of their ammunition magazine.

After learning that The Internet Was Not Pleased, the Greek Orthodox church where the dinner was going to be held withdrew permission for the dinner to be held. So, hey, it's a kinda-sorta partial victory, although the GOP group will go ahead with the dinner and raffle at a new location. It would appear the moral arc of the universe continues to bend toward douchebaggery.

The chair of the Multnomah County Republicans, Jeff Reynolds, issued a "clarification" noting that despite the initial announcement saying the raffle would be at the dinner, it's actually going to be held at a totally different location on the same day, so why all the fuss? And wherever they end up holding the event, the featured speaker will still be Rafael Cruz, since he is pretty much the modern incarnation of Martin Luther King.

Reynolds also did his best to spin his group's losing the venue as yet another example of victimization, saying "candidly, this is what Republicans face in Multnomah County," which leans mostly Democratic. The echoes of "Letter from Birmingham Jail" are uncanny, really.

He confirmed that the $10 raffle tickets are nearly sold out; when a reporter asked about the propriety of honoring two leaders assassinated using firearms by raffling off a semiautomatic rifle, Reynolds said only "I'm not going to go there today."

Oh, and no matter how often you hear that King was a Republican, he never claimed a party affiliation, although plenty of modern Republicans like to claim him, because of how he opposed affirmative action and loved the military without reservation.

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