Brian Kilmeade Will Not Have You Taking Horse Dewormer's Name In Vain At His Dinner Table!

Brian Kilmeade, usually famous for being one of the three dumbest hosts on "Fox & Friends," did a guest hosting gig on Tucker's show last night. We guess Tucker is on vacation, or maybe there's a Black person, a gay person, and/or a woman standing on the sidewalk in front of Tucker's house and Tucker's scared to leave.

Regardless, Kilmeade took the opportunity to bemoan the cancel culture the liberals are doing to a medicine cherished by Fox News viewers for the treatment of COVID-19. We are of course talking about horse deworming paste for horses, AKA ivermectin, which is actually not effective at treating COVID-19.

KILMEADE: Ivermectin, by the way, however it turns out, whatever you decide to do ...

Whether you decide to eat the horse paste or not eat the horse paste ...

KILMEADE: ... was developed and awarded a Nobel Prize back in 2015! It combats river blindness and tropical maladies!

When prescribed by a human doctor in human dosages for humans! Also, those two conditions are not "COVID," but whatever.

KILMEADE: Sometimes drugs work for different things! Some people they chose to try it! It wasn't out there to MAKE A MOCKERY OF!

It's really funny when Fox News steps in a mound of horseshit like it has with the whole horse dewormer thing, opening itself up to just daily 24/7 mockery that will not stop as long as we have anything to say about it.

Regardless of whether there are differences between the human kind of Ivermectin and the horse kind — and there are — it's an indisputable fact that human beings all over America, the kinds of humans who watch Brian Kilmeade and Tucker and think they're watching the news, have been going to feed stores and buying the horse dewormer form of the drug and sprinkling it on top of their morning trans fat and lunchmeat ice cream sundaes, to treat the COVID they probably wouldn't have gotten if they'd just gotten their fucking shots, like fucking civilized people. Instead, people are getting Ivermectin poisoning, from the horse paste.

You see how mad Brian Kilmeade is right there? He is so mad. Fox News is so mad. America is laughing at them.

Fox News has been pushing snake oil cures for COVID since the very beginning, but with plausible deniability, of course! And as snake oil cures tend to do, they've all come up somewhere on the spectrum between useless and deadly. But you weren't supposed to make fun of Fox News's viewers for drinking synthetic horse jizz! It wasn't out there to MAKE A MOCKERY OF!

Kilmeade's idiot guest Steve Krakauer — who is he? dunno don't care — was also very mad in the above clip. Did you know the CDC is recommending refugees take Ivermectin right now? It is, says Steve! "Not for COVID," he clarifies, because obviously not. But he's just mad at the media lying and saying it's "for horses and for cows," just because people all over the place are taking the horse and cow version of it.

KRAKAUER: People are not taking this from their horses and eating it!

You got that? The Fox News guest idiot needs you to know that Fox News viewers are not literally walking into their horses' stables and saying "Psssssst! Horse! Ummmmmmm GOT ANY OF THE GOOD SHIT?" and then paying their horses one hundred oat-bucks for their drugs. And they certainly are not stealing it! Puh-leeze. Fox News viewers are buying horse dewormer at the feed store for themselves.

The entirety of the clip is ostensibly about how the media has gotten THE ENTIRE STORY of horse dewormer wrong, based on the fact that Rolling Stone had to issue a clarification on ONE STORY about an ER doctor in Oklahoma who said they're having to delay treatment for gunshot victims because of all the horse dewormer poisonings. One hospital said no, that's wrong. Therefore ALL THE OTHER STORIES about moron white conservatives basting their own B-holes with horse dewormer are wrong. You betcha.

And by the way, yes, this is kind of like how they'd act when somebody like CNNwould fuck up some minor Trump-Russia story, admit its error, and then the rightwing media and its permanently lipstick-engorged lapdog Glenn Greenwald — who is also real mad about the cancel culturing of horse dewormer, surprise! — would scream that the entire Trump-Russia story had now been debunked, even though it decidedly had not, and that Rachel Maddow should be shot into space or something, all because of CNN's minor error.


You'll be shocked to hear that at the end of the Fox News clip above, there is mucho bitching about how Rachel Maddow has not been suspended from social media for tweeting something about this Oklahoma story. These kids all kinda read from the same playbook.

Other things in the clip above include Brian Kilmeade we think claiming that Fox News "discover[ed]" the existence of breakthrough infections among the vaccinated, at least "before the scientists [told] us," and also bitching that nobody ever talks about COVID treatments like Regeneron, like YEAH, what about the bright side of getting a totally preventable disease for which there's a safe and effective vaccine?

We didn't think this was possible, but Brian Kilmeade made Tucker Carlson's show stupider.

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