Bristol Palin Plans Hobby Lobby Love-In Complete With Hot Sexxxxy Shopping Pix

Bristol Palin Plans Hobby Lobby Love-In Complete With Hot Sexxxxy Shopping Pix

We know that the Hobby Lobby decision is dangerous and terrible for the nation, but for filthy liberal bloggers, it is for sure going to be the gift that keeps on giving, mostly because there is so much post-decision derp from the Hobby Lobbyists. We should have known that Bristol Palin, queen of being best at not using birth control, would weigh in with some extra-special stupid about how to celebrate the fact that now all ladies can be saddled with an unwanted unmarried teen pregnancy, which is what freedom is all about. Bristol's plan? Shopping selfies, of course.

Shortly after the high court handed down its decision affirming the family-owned company's right to abstain from an Obamacare mandate that violates its religious beliefs, Palin called on her fans to support the Christian craft store by making a special trip to the store on July 3. [...]

In observance of the court's decision, Palin asked conservatives yesterday to take photos of themselves shopping at Hobby Lobby this Thursday and send them to her.

July 3! You guys, that's today! Get excited!! It even has a cool hashtag: #HobbyLobbyLove.

Holy god, Bristol Palin, you are even dumber than your mother if you think that the entirety of Twitter isn't going to hijack the fuck out of that hashtag and fill your supporters' timelines with dick pics to show how they hobby and lobby and love. Bristol was also kind enough to give the world her email address so that you can send pix directly to her. Because she knows her entire fan base is populated by mouth-breathers, Bristol was also kind enough to provide detailed instructions on what to do.

'It can be with your favorite product, a cashier, or a selfie with the store logo in the background,' Palin said, noting that pro-Hobby Lobby signs should be prominently featured in the photos as well.

'If I did that, mine might say “You can’t make us!” ' the pro-life activist wrote.

"You can't make us" what, exactly? You can't make us...take birth control? You've already proved that one up pretty well, Bristol. You can't make us...have coherent thoughts? Yep, proved that one too.

Tomorrow on Twitter is going to be the absolute best. Make sure you show Bristol Palin how and what and who you love, especially if you can work some craft supplies into the equation.

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