Bristol Palin Says Her Mom Invented Impeachment, You're Welcome


via Bristol'sFacePlace page

Yes, most people in 'Merica agree that impeaching the president for thinking he's some kind of president or something would be a really stupid idea, but Bristol Palin's ghost blogger wants you to know it was Bristol's mom's stupid idea first:

So many people are saying Obama should be impeached that Breitbart says impeachment has gone mainstream. Can I just say, Mom was saying this months ago!

Sure you can say that, sweetie. It is a free country, and you can say anything you want -- especially if you say it on your reality teevee show (do you still have one of those?), which is a First Amendment right. Can we now say how you should maybe spend a little less time drunk-brawlin' and a little more time Googling? Because while Mom may have called for impeachment in one of your most favoritest speeches she ever speeched way back in July, some people who are just as dumb but slightly more relevant because they haven't quit their governing jobs just yet have been calling for the impeachment of the president since even before then! No, really, that is a true thing.

Also too also, Bristol, while we know that your mom saying President Obama should be impeached ought to be reason enough for anyone to believe that is so, for those few skeptics out there, can you please use your advanced degree in high school graduating to explain what Obama has done that is so impeachable?

President Obama ignores court orders, makes up his own laws, and pretends laws he doesn’t like don’t exist. That’s pretty much the opposite of the President’s job description.

And now he’s gone and declared his own immigration policy that Americans clearly said they don’t want.

We'd hate to ever quibble with Bristol's "facts" -- especially because Americans opposing a president's policy is not grounds for impeachment, as far as we know from reading the actual Constitution -- but ACTUALLY:

Americans are divided over whether Obama should have pursued executive action on immigration. Half (50%) of Americans say Obama should have taken action on immigration given that Congress has not acted on the issue, while 45% say he should not have taken action.

So only a minority of Americans oppose the president reforming immigration through executive action, but perhaps you meant that Americans clearly do not support what those reforms would do? Let's ACTUALLY some more, shall we?

More than 7-in-10 (72%) Americans favor allowing illegal immigrants who are the parents of children with legal status to stay in the U.S. for three years without being subject to deportation if they pass a background check and have lived in the country at least five years. Roughly 3-in-10 (27%) Americans oppose this policy.

Well, huh, that is weird and strange how the majority of Americans actually support these reforms and so therefore mostly likely and probably do not think the president should be impeached for them? Never mind, though. Bristol's mom gave a speech, and she is right! Because she is! Just look at how right she is because she is right!

When the president gets out of control, impeachment is how the people can pull him back. Mom says making the case is the easy part — what’s hard is having the guts, courage and political will to do it.

Too bad no one has the guts of Sarah Palin to impeach the president for doing something totally legal and also too that happens to be supported by Americans, as if that matters, pfffft. At least we know if the craziest wing of the Republican Party somehow manages to bully Speaker John Boehner into the impeachment thingy after all, all but assuring that voters will laugh Republicans right out of office the next chance they get, we'll have Bristol's mom to thank for coming up with the idea in the first place.

[Bristol's "blog"/Public Religion Research Institute]


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