British Sharia Protestors Giving American Bigots Run For Their Money


Muslim, muslamic law, from Iraq, you know. Muslamic ray-guns? We're not quite sure what this bloke is saying (something about the metric system and putting blood in their pudding cups?), but we know these guys are better than our bigots. When's the last time you saw a mosk protest in the United States? Back in the summer before all the teevee shows returned for the fall schedule! Our shriveled-up old bigots are too lazy to protect us from Sharia. And just look at that video! You can fit a lot more bigots into your rally thing when you're not all in scooters!

But not so fast! The English Defence League has this to say about gay rights on its website, which includes FLASH ANIMATION, the work of the librul elite:

Judging from what has been written in the article it would appear that Gay Pride is putting the doctrine of political correctness before standing up for gay people who have been on the receiving end of Islam inspired aggression and persecution. Its willingness to back down in the face of this aggression does not indicate ‘pride’ at all. It is basically saying that respect for the Islamic religion effectively trumps basic human rights in general and gay rights in particular. In the absence of a credible opposition to Islamic homophobia perhaps the EDL should stand up to oppose the persecution of gay people in the East End directly and take to the streets itself?

Yes, the EDL even has a photo of an English flag with a rainbow on it in that post. Nice try, you redcoat scum! You attempt to lure the Teabaggers into joining you with your fight against Sharia, but you're just another secret gay conspiracy! The founding fathers knew exactly what they (Mel Gibson in The Patriot) were doing when they bayonetted you! Our bigots will continue to hate BOTH mosks and fagets with the same strength. It's called "equality." [YouTube/EDL]


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