Budget Compromise Reached: No Money For Poor People, Nature

Budget Compromise Reached: No Money For Poor People, Nature
  • Barack Obama and his new boyfriend barf-face John Boehner finally sat down and "hammered things out," budget-wise, and sexually, too. What sort of horrendous pork barrel spending did they trim from the budget, in a jolly, bipartisan fashion? The proposed $38 billion in cuts includes a $1.6 billion reduction for the Environmental Protection Agency (sixteen percent of its budget), and Pell grants have been cut entirely for poor people who have the audacity to attend summer school. (Who needs the EPA or "an education" anyway, especially now that the entire world is radioactive?) Liberal things like NPR and the AmeriCorps public service program will still receive funding, so that's some sort of Big Victory for communism, we guess? Most importantly though is that the legislation "includes a Republican 'rider' barring Washington, D.C., from spending local tax money to provide abortions to poor women." Thank God! It's about time someone addressed the #1 reason why we have a deficit, "welfare queens in D.C. gettin' free abortions for fun." D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray was actually arrested for protesting this "Republican rider" outside of the Senate office buildings. Uh ... The budget has lots of money for guns and ammo, though! [Bloomberg]
  • The United States will "consider" reviewing its murderous Drone deployment in Pakistan. [Fox News]

  • Dmitry Medvedev announced that space exploration remains a top priority for Russia. Space is the Place! [BBC]


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