CA Dems Don't Have To Cheat To Beat Larry Elder. They Just Have To Show Up.

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CA Dems Don't Have To Cheat To Beat Larry Elder. They Just Have To Show Up.

California, the prototypical blue state, has voted Democratic in every presidential election since 1992. That was also the year the state's last Republican senator got turfed out by the voters. Hillary Clinton's margin over Trump in 2016 was a whopping 30 percent in the Golden State, with Biden just a point behind her at 29 in 2020.

And yet, Republican gubernatorial recall candidate Larry Elder is still banging the Trump drum, claiming without evidence that Democrats are engaged in rampant cheating to stop him from unseating Gov. Gavin Newsom in next Tuesday's recall election.

"On my website, we have a voter integrity project. We have lawyers all set up, all ready to go to file lawsuits in a timely fashion," Elder said Wednesday. "The reason the lawsuits did not work in the 2020 election — we know what happened there — is because the lawsuits were filed too late, and many of them were dismissed on procedural grounds."

Or it could have been because they were bullshit and none of the bogus affidavits or so-called expert witnesses proved there was an iota of fraud or illegal conduct. YMMV.

"Courts don't like to overturn an election. So, when people hear anything suspicious — we've heard a lot of things that have been suspicious so far — go to We're going to sic our lawyers on them, file lawsuits right away," he promised. "They're gonna cheat, we know that."

It's marginally less stupid than whatever Trump was ranting about the other day on Newsmax. We think he's pissed that voters can print out a ballot and send it in, although, honestly, who the hell even knows.

But screaming that the system is #rigged tends to depress turnout. Just ask David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. So Elder hastened to add that he was on a glide path to victory, because "The number of people that are gonna vote to recall this man is going to be so overwhelming, so that even when they cheat, they're still going to lose."

Hey, remember the eleventy million times KRAKEN lawyer Sydney Powell insisted that Donald Trump's win was so YUUUUUGE that it overwhelmed the "algorithm" Dominion supposedly used to flip votes from Trump to Biden, forcing swing states to shut down their voting overnight to reset the equations? And she's still at it!

It was bullshit then, and it's bullshit now. California Democrats don't have to cheat to defeat Elder — they just have to show up and vote "No." And with 53 percent of the ballots cast so far coming from registered Democrats, it looks like they clocked the risk this guy poses and aren't taking any chances.

Which is not to say that Elder can't win this thing anyway, thanks to the state's fakakta recall law. Newsom has to take a majority to retain his office, i.e. 50 percent plus one have to vote "No" on the recall. Meanwhile, Elder just needs to get more votes than the pack of weirdos he's running against to ascend to the governor's mansion. We'd call it the dumbest election system ever devised, if we didn't live in a country with an Electoral College that routinely sends some jackass who lost the popular vote to the White House.

So come on, California, don't let this misogynistic asshole get his hands on your government. No means NO!


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