CA Lawyer Who Wants To Kill All Gays Gets Poor Review From Ex-Boss (And Everyone Else)

CA Lawyer Who Wants To Kill All Gays Gets Poor Review From Ex-Boss (And Everyone Else)

Remember that wild and crazy guy, Matt McLaughlin, the secret agent lawyer guy who filed a California initiative called the Sodomite Suppression Act? In case you've smoked too many drugs lately and don't recall, this is the initiative that calls for the expulsion and elimination of all California gay queer sodomites by various means, up to and including "bullets to the head," or whatever else is handy. Did they actually track him down? No, of course not, he's got no online presence and seems to be an invisible human. They found one of his old bosses, though, and wow, that boss does NOT have kind things to say. Let's meet Bruce C. Bridgman, attorney at law, who briefly employed McLaughlin in 2002:

“Go after him with a knife and fork,” Bruce C. Bridgman told TPM when reached by phone. [...]

"My own personal opinion here is that he has crossed the line, between free speech and advocating illegal conduct," Bridgman, a former deputy district attorney for both Los Angeles and Orange County, told TPM.

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Whoa hey, what does Bridgman REALLY think? We feel like he's holding back. Bridgman says that McLaughlin was little more than a temp in his office all those years ago, that he made no impression, and that he wouldn't even recognize him if he knocked on his door, looking for somebody to sign his Suppressin' the Sodomites petition.

Bridgman goes on to say more really nice things about this secret agent dorkwad bigot lawyer whom no one has ever met:

“I’m just embarrassed that this is a member of the bar in the first place,” Bridgman said. [...]

When he heard about "The Sodomite Suppression Act," Bridgman said he was rendered speechless.

“I am frightened that there are people like this in our community, and that they are given special status, in this case, as a member of the California bar," he said.

Bridgman goes on to say that he pities the fool who ever had to meet this gross Matt McLaughlin, even "the people who knew him in high school." We are very worried that Bruce C. Bridgman, attorney at law, has a hard time expressing his true feelings.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris is working to have the initiative blocked, arguing that no, she does not hate democracy, but that McLaughlin's little Kill-The-Gays idea is so flatly unconstitutional, oh and also, it literally calls for vigilante murder, so probably not a good way to use California's time and money:

“This is not about whether we like something or not, or whether we simply find it offensive or troubling,” Harris said in an interview with The Sacramento Bee. “In this case, we are talking about a proposal that literally is calling for violence. It’s calling for vigilantism. It’s calling for the public to be able to shoot in the head a member of the LGBT community.

“I, frankly, do not want to be in the position of giving any legitimacy to those words.”

Censorship! But seriously, it's probably good that she is blocking it, we kind of don't want to find out how many people would sign it.

Since McLaughlin's Kill Gays With Bullets initiative is seemingly his first foray into public life since 2004, when he filed an initiative to give every child a Bible, we're guessing we won't be seeing much of Matt McLaughlin anytime soon, until 2025 or so, when he files a new one to ... kill all gays with free Bibles? Come up with your own fancy sexy Matt McLaughlin initiatives in the comments, which we do not allow!

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