Call This Michigan State Senator A Groomer Again. She Dares You.

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Call This Michigan State Senator A Groomer Again. She Dares You.

Welp, here is your viral video of the day! It is from Democratic Michigan state Senator Mallory McMorrow, and as she explains in this thread, she is pissed off.

As we've been documenting, rightwingers all have these super-weird erections right now over calling people "groomers," they are so fuckin' excited. They do this every time they have a new buzzword they've all agreed to say, they just say it over and over and over again. A few months ago it was "Let's Go Brandon!" They all screamed it at each other every five seconds, each and every time laughing at the joke like it was the first time they ever heard it. These days, they're inspired by QAnon conspiracy theories about Democrats being secret pedophiles, and they're combining that with their desperate (and well-founded!) fears that they can't even control whether their own kids end up being LGBTQ. Therefore, they're calling everybody who's standing in the way of their desires to turn America into a fascist theocratic Christian dictatorship "groomers."

In six months, they'll have moved on to some new buzzword. Maybe they'll combine the two and all the Republicans' midterm slogans will be "Let's Groom Brandon."

That'd be weird.

But anyway! Mallory McMorrow!

As she explains, some fuckhead piece of shit Republican state senator named Lana Theis decided to use her name in a fundraising email and accuse her of being a groomer. So McMorrow stood up to tell Theis what ring of hell she's invited to live on. It's a really good video. And we don't mean that the way the liberal internet is sometimes like "OmG mu$t cLicK u Go GirRL!" We mean it for real. It's a good video. She's angry.

Mister Rogers said "look for the helpers," and Senator McMorrow helped in more ways than one in this floor speech. For one thing, she followed up that tweet with an entire thread helpfully transcribing it so we don't have to.

So now Wonkette will help, by copy/pasting the parts of it we liked the best:

I sat on it for a while wondering why me? Then I realized... I’m the biggest threat to your hollow, hateful scheme. Because you can’t claim that you’re targeting marginalized kids in the name of “parental rights” if another parent is standing up and saying no.

So you dehumanize and marginalize ME. You say I’m one of THEM. You say she’s a groomer, she supports pedophilia, she wants children to believe they were responsible for slavery and to feel bad about themselves because they’re white. Here’s a little background on who I really am.

McMorrow proceeded to tell them who she really is, about growing up in the church, and said her mom taught her that "SERVICE [is] far more important than performative nonsense like being seen in the same pew every Sunday or writing 'Christian' in your Twitter bio and using it as a shield to target and marginalize already-marginalized people."

So you can see where she's coming from.

She talked about standing on the shoulders of a Catholic civil rights leader and longtime Notre Dame president named Father Ted Hesburgh, who "reached out and locked arms with Dr. Martin Luther King when he was alive, when it was unpopular," and she made sure to emphasize those last few words in case you didn't get what she was saying.

And she went on:

So who am I? I am a straight, white, Christian, married, suburban mom who knows that the very notion that learning about slavery or redlining or systemic racism means that children are being taught to feel bad or hate themselves because they are white is absolute nonsense.

Told y'all this was a good speech.

No child alive today is responsible for slavery. No one in this room is responsible for slavery. But each and every single one of us bears responsibility for writing the next chapter of history. We decides what happens next, and how WE respond to history and the world around us.

We are not responsible for the past. We also cannot change the past. We can’t pretend that it didn’t happen, or deny people their very right to exist.

I want my daughter to know that she is loved, supported, and seen for whoever she becomes. I want her to be curious, empathetic, and kind. I want every child to feel seen, heard, and supported, not marginalized and targeted if they are not straight, white, and Christian.

Even if they are your worst fucking nightmare and your literal negation, you white Christian conservative assholes.

McMorrow wrapped up:

I know that hate will only win if people like me stand by and let it happen. And I want to be very clear right now: Call me whatever you want. I know who I am. I know what faith and service mean, and what it calls for in this moment. We will not let hate win.

"Call me whatever you want. I know who I am."

Wonkette translation: Fuck all y'all. Sincerely, Jesus.

And that was the end, and this is the end of this blog post.


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