Can Dr. Oz Sneak Back To His Snake Oil Hustling TV Career?

Pennsylvania voters rejected New Jersey guy Dr. Mehmet Oz’s Senate bid, and now the diet pill pitchman is planning his next move. The crudité doesn’t pay for itself. However, it's unlikely he can return to his old TV show where he interviewed creepy sex robots.


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Viewers were already tiring of Oz’s act prior to him going full MAGA and running for Senate in a state he’d at least visited on occasion. “The Dr. Oz Show” was averaging 1.63 million viewers in April 2020 when people were depressed and confined to their homes, but viewership had dropped by roughly half in November 2021. Thanks, Joe Biden!

We should note that Oz appeared to have gone psycho during the pandemic, telling Sean Hannity that sending kids back to school in April 2020 offered “an appetizing opportunity.” As Oz demonstrated during his failed Senate bid, he never quite mastered sounding like a normal human person.


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Oz further shredded whatever reputation he might’ve enjoyed as a medical professional who willingly froze himself on TV. He picked fights with Dr. Anthony Fauci, who he called a “petty tyrant," and argued against school mask mandates.

That might make Oz a welcome guest on Fox News. The network recently hired Tulsi Gabbard, which shows you how rigorous its standards are. However, Fox News doesn’t really need to hire an actual doctor to parrot COVID-19 conspiracy theories or suggest masks turn your children gay. Their contributors can just make up stuff. Who needs Oz and his (once) fancy degrees?

Sources tell Radar Online, which is admittedly Radar Online, that Oz "wants a daily gig. But it is not going to happen.”

Another source said, “He’s beating the bushes to revive his health-oriented talk show and groveling to everyone he knows to give him a break, but he’s not making much progress.”

Oz spent $27 million of his estimated $200 million fortune on his failed Senate campaign. According to a Senate disclosure form, Oz pulled in $10 million from his show in 2021. Now that’s all gone. It was a lot to sacrifice for the shot at being a key “no” vote on abortion rights, gun safety, and whatever else Mitch McConnell demanded.

Once one of Oprah Winfrey’s favorite things, Oz is reportedly experiencing what’s known as the "Trump Effect.” Decent people want little to do with anyone bearing Trump’s taint.

An insider claimed, “He can’t even get a word with his former producers. Dr. Oz is a social creature who likes to hear himself talk, and it’s beginning to dawn on him that he’s just not wanted in Hollywood circles anymore.”

Oh boo hoo. But don’t break out the hankies just yet. Eric Schiffer, chairman and CEO of the curiously named Patriarch Equity, believes Oz could still salvage his TV career. Schiffer insists, "TV is still available to him. This is someone who has built an audience.”

Why do we sense a major “but” approaching?

“If he wanted to go back to TV, and he was to be done with politics, he could cut the cord on his conservative path,” Schiffer said. “In fact, he would be advised to do that because he’s going to want the widest audience. Why cut off 50 percent of your audience?”

So, Oz just needs one of those Men in Black memory erasers so that the suburban women watching daytime TV forget that he wanted “local political leaders” to make their personal medical decisions. Easy-peasy.

Enjoy your retirement, Oz.

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