Candace Owens Reminds World That Zelenskyy Is A (((You Know What)))

We did not make that caption, it is a Lincoln Project caption on a real video that we screengrabbed

Candace Owens is just on a roll right now. Fresh off explaining why Vladimir Putin's war against Ukraine is America's fault, and how Ukraine "wasn't a thing" until 1989, she felt the need to tell us another reason why she hates Ukraine so much:

OK, holy shit, wow, we did Nazi that coming, just kidding yes we did.

The troll asshole tried to come back and pretend like she not only didn't know "globalist" meant Jew, but also that she was the decider of what the real definition is:

Whatever, asshole. Everybody knows "globalist" is an antisemitic euphemism for "Jew." Candace Owens knows this. She doesn't deserve anybody to pretend for one second that she might not know this.

Fuck off.

This guy had a question, not for Owens, but for her Jewish employer.

So did Popehat:

In other news of people who will be remembered as unsightly stains on the pages of American history books if they're remembered at all, there was a vote yesterday in the House on whether to revoke "most favored nation" trade status for Russia. A really simple vote. There's really no legitimate (note we said legitimate) reason to vote against it unless what you're trying to say is that Ukrainian kids should die and Vladimir Putin should give the order. Or that you literally love Russia more than you love America. Or that Putin has a literal actual pee tape of you.

So here are the eight Republicans who voted against that.

Wow, what a very surprising group of names that is. Just a great big huge surprise.

And finally, because this post needs a third thing, here's an OAN reporter claiming Joe Biden bombed that children's hospital in Mariupol:

Yeah, it's the same unfuckable loser who called for mass executions of whoever "stole" the 2020 election from Donald Trump, and who recently got way too excited about the prospect of liberals dying of "vaccine" and encouraged liberals to go get boosted as much as possible, because he thought it would make them die. We regret to inform him that literally none of his wishes are ever coming true, because he's stupid, and he's brainwashed, and literally nothing he believes about the world is true.

This is what has happened to these people's brains. We don't know if their brains were ever better than this, but this is what has happened to their brains.

Bless their hearts.

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