Carly Fiorina Supports Trump Impeachment, Might Vote For His Persona Anyway
Where are the demon sheep of yesteryear?

Former Hewlett-Packard CEO and failed Republican senatorial and presidential candidate Carly Fiorina surfaced this week. In an interview for some CNN podcast, and with the unerring political insight that led her to question Ted Cruz's loyalty to America before becoming his stunt "running mate," Fiorina told Poppy Harlow, "I think it is vital that [Donald Trump] be impeached," but then immediately said she isn't sure he should be removed from office "this close to an election."

As for 2020, Fiorina wouldn't rule out voting for Trump, who it's vital to impeach but not remove from office, because it "depends who the Democrats put up" to run against him.

So remember, primary voters, when you fill out that ballot, your choice could decide whether Carly Fiorina publicly renounces Donald Trump for five minutes.

Fiorina's entire political career has consisted of being briefly terrible in public, getting laughed at for insane stuff like that demon sheep ad, then losing and leaving absolutely no one wondering, "Gee, wonder what Carly Fiorina's up to now?" She told Harlow that she voted for Trump in 2016 because she didn't care for Hillary Clinton, to whom she used to admiringly compare herself until hating on Clinton became the far more useful thing for a Republican lady candidate. But since Trump took office, she's been "bitterly disappointed" by the guy who said of Fiorina, "Look at that face! [...] Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president?!"

Fiorina is simply very troubled by that unfortunate tendency of Donald Trump to say mean things, you see.

Fiorina condemned Trump's attacks on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a decorated veteran who is the National Security Council's top Ukraine expert and testified before House impeachment investigators.

"Some of this conduct, like publicly berating a decorated war veteran who shows up in response to a lawfully issued subpoena of Congress, I think that conduct is not just unbecoming, I think it's destructive to our republic," Fiorina said.

Destructive to the republic, but not so destructive that she wouldn't vote for more republic-destroyin' if the Dems choose some crazy socialist like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. Or Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, or the others still running.

While Trump has "undoubtedly done some of the right things" on the economy, like not tanking it just yet, Fiorina remains quite troubled about the tone and all.

I do think that the systematic tearing down of people, institutions, political opponents, will have long-lasting damage if it goes on for much longer.

Which is not to say she thinks he shouldn't stay in office, doing that damage, possibly until 2025. As for whether she still has political ambitions, Fiorina said she probably wouldn't want to run in the current Republican Party, since it "right now seems to be all about pledging fealty to Donald Trump no matter what. And I'm just not in that place." She's in more of a place where she wants to say Trump is terrible without saying he should face any consequences for it.

Fiorina seemed nostalgic for the good old days of the George W. Bush administration, when the GOP was more welcoming to women and people of color who agreed that Greed is Good:

"I think there is a reason why women, people of color, young people, don't feel affinity for the Republican Party. It's because the brand, the way business has been conducted, sends a message: we don't value you, and we don't respect you," Fiorina said.

"Now, I say that as a proud pro-life woman," Fiorina continued. "It's not about pro-life or pro-choice. It's about how women and people of color and young people are addressed, are sought out or not. By the same token, the reason Democrats lost in 2016 is there was a swath of people who felt disrespected and devalued."

Hey, have the Dems considered nominating Carly Fiorina? She might vote for a sensible candidate like that.


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