Mitch McConnell Hates Democracy Because It's 'Socialism,' Who Knows, It Made No Sense

Mitch McConnell Hates Democracy Because It's 'Socialism,' Who Knows, It Made No Sense

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is a syphilitic lesion disfiguring Congress. He's burying liberal dreams, protecting a corrupt president, and he's never been happier. His wife, Elaine Chao, is also shady AF. Where do you even start with this guy?

Last week, Donald Trump said he wouldn't kick any election help out of bed just because it came from Russia. Some Democrats don't want to take money from Wall Street, but Trump is fine with intelligence from Moscow. McConnell thought this was no big thing. During an interview with Laura Ingraham, he claimed that Democrats won't let go of the past because they keep talking about Trump's proposed future crimes.

MCCONNELL: They just can't let it go, Laura. I said weeks ago, case closed. We got the Mueller Report, the only objective evaluation that will be conducted.

Yeah, don't Democrats understand that when McConnell says "case closed," it means he's going to use the Mueller Report as birdcage liner? Their seeming obsession with "justice" and the "rule of law" is so mean-spirited.

MCCONNELL: [Trump] gets picked at every day over every different aspect of [the Mueller report]. But the fundamental point is that they are trying to keep the 2016 election alive and the investigation alive when the American people have heard enough.

The American people have heard enough of Robin Thicke. They haven't heard enough about the president's criminal acts and possible light treason. McConnell thinks Congress should instead focus on the legislative agenda he's actively obstructing. High on the list is election security. Robert Mueller said that Russia's attacks on the 2016 election were "sweeping and systemic." Trump is ignoring election security issues because he didn't win fairly the first time. He's proven such a reliable threat to the free world that its enemies desperately want him to remain in office. Why ruin a good thing? McConnell apparently agrees because he's blocked all legislation intended to secure future elections.

McConnell claims the Trump administration has done more than enough to protect elections. He also probably believes the foxes have adequately secured all hen houses. Many of the election-security bills have bipartisan support but McConnell is still a big "nyet!" and won't bring them to the floor. He has long opposed increased federal oversight of elections, and he believes Democrats only care about election security because they think it "would benefit them somehow." It is a fair observation people voting freely never helps GOP's bottom line.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer likes to cry on Twitter about how McConnell sends anything good and decent to his "legislative graveyard." House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called McConnell out on this, as well. These attempts to shame McConnell haven't worked because McConnell had his shame surgically removed decades ago. McConnell shared a hearty laugh with fellow evil person Ingraham over denying Democrats any sliver of hope that they might pass a bill before they die.

MCCONNELL: She's got it right. For the first time in my memory, I agree with Nancy Pelosi. I am indeed the grim reaper when it comes to the socialist agenda that they have been ginning up over in the House with overwhelming Democratic support and sending it over to America, things that would turn us into a country we've never been.

We get that conservatives think the Green New Deal or Medicare For All are all gross and socialist. But McConnell is also classifying voter enfranchisement as part of the "socialist agenda."

MCCONNELL: They plan to make the District of Columbia a state. That'd give them two new Democratic senators!

No, DC statehood means that the taxpaying American citizens who live in the District would have representation in the Senate. DC has a population greater than Wyoming and Vermont and is gaining on Alaska. But DC is also 49 percent black, which is why McConnell assumes that any senators the new state elected would be Democrats. He's a cynical piece of garbage who opposes DC statehood because it would weaken his grip on a majority. Republicans love to screw over DC -- defunding abortion clinics, needle programs, and homeless shelters. This is more of the same.

McConnell's also not crazy about other not-quite-white people having Senate representation.

MCCONNELL: They'd make Puerto Rico a state. That'd given them two more Democratic senators.

Seriously, they haven't held any elections yet. Susan Collins is a senator from Maine. Nothing's certain. Democrats could run a Puerto Rican Martha Coakley. McConnell is just straight up telling us that he doesn't think people should have Senate representation if they are going to go and do something stupid like elect Democrats.

MCCONNELL: This is full-bore socialism on the march from the House.

Nothing he's mentioned so far is socialism. And why is he framing it like an old 1940s newsreel: "Socialism ON THE MARCH!" McConnell is a lot like Trump in that he projects his worst impulses and beliefs onto others. He thinks Democrats only act for their own gain because that's what he does. He can't comprehend anything else. This type of sociopathy isn't going to clear up overnight once Trump is out of office. We need to put everything we have in removing McConnell.

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