CBS News Hires Trump Stooge Mick Mulvaney Because The Media Ain’t Even Trying Anymore

CBS News Hires Trump Stooge Mick Mulvaney Because The Media Ain’t Even Trying Anymore

CBS News announced this week that it’s hired former GOP Rep. Mick Mulvaney from South Carolina as a political contributor. Next week, CBS should rightly announce that it’s shuttered its entire news division in shame and will just air "Criminal Minds" reruns on an endless loop.

Mulvaney willingly worked for the Trump administration as the director of the Office of Management and Budget, where the “alleged human being” (good one, Dok) killed funding for Meals on Wheels, which he would only concede “sounds great” like it was the subtitle for a Fast and the Furious movie.

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He later ran Elizabeth Warren's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which he dismissed as a “sad, sick" joke when in Congress and happily dismantled from within. During his distinguished tenure as (acting) White House chief of staff, Mulvaney admitted on live television like some gibbering idiot that the White House had withheld aid from Ukraine and extorted President Volodymyr Zelenskyy for Trump's personal political gain. Guess CBS News doesn’t think that’s relevant considering Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

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Of all the boot-licking hacks who debased themselves in service to Trump, Mulvaney is one of the hackiest. He told Chuck Todd in 2019 that it wasn’t unreasonable to put a tarp over the USS John McCain as tribute to Trump’s pettiness. Back in February 2020, Mulvaney claimed all this talk about something called “COVID-19” was a Democratic plot to bring down Trump, who was so goddamn awesome he could work around the clock without sleep but with the help of Adderall.

This is who CBS puts on the air to discuss President Joe Biden’s economic agenda.

CBS News introduces Mulvaney as “former OMB Director,” suggesting he’s speaking from an area of expertise, but he was the face of Trump and the GOP's poor-kicking policies. The man insisted there was no evidence after-school programs that feed hungry kids improve their performance. (There is in fact plenty of evidence.) But enough about those deadbeats. Mulvaney is here to explain why Biden’s tax plan is needlessly cruel to vulnerable billionaires.

"We've never taxed wealth before, we've taxed income," Mulvaney said. "In fact, the Constitution might not even allow a property tax ... but that's the basic framework. We'll figure out how much money you've got on things like unrealized stock gains business that you might own and even though you didn't make money off that last year we're still going to tax you on it. That's the basis of this proposal."

Vulnerable billionaires! Oh No, Joe Biden's Budget Really Gonna Eat The Rich This Time, Get Ready Rich!

It’s still America for another nine months, and Mulvaney is welcome to his bullshit opinion. But this isn’t well-reasoned political commentary. It’s the same rightwing partisan drivel that Chuck Todd smiles and nods during on "Meet the Press,” and CBS News at no point during this segment clearly states to viewers Mulvaney’s obvious bias.

Historian Kevin Kruse tweeted a PolitiFact scorecard that rated Mulvaney’s public statements: 62 percent were mostly false, 12 percent were flat-out false, and 25 percent were half truths. Mulvaney isn’t credible to sell used cars on TV.

Mulvaney infamously declared in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that if Trump lost the 2020 election, he would concede gracefully.

I’ve been asked the same question at least a hundred times in the past week: If the president loses, will he participate in a peaceful transition of power?

The question probably says as much about those asking it as the answer does about President Trump. Most of the inquirers are the same people who still don’t understand why nearly half the country voted for Mr. Trump. They still wonder if he somehow cheated his way into office. They still think he should’ve been impeached, believe the polls, and consider the Washington Post, New York Times and CNN reliable sources.

But, I am happy to answer: Yes.

He wasn’t just wrong. He described a Trump who literally doesn’t exist, one who would "act and speak like a great president should— win or lose.” He’s either a delusional cult member or a serial liar. CBS shouldn’t validate the parking for either. Especially grating is this bit where Mulvaney rationalizes an extended post-election tantrum as somehow good for the nation’s health.

Whoever occupies the presidency cannot have rumors floating around for the next four years about dead people voting or ballot dumps in the middle of the night. The U.S. needs to know that the winner is actually the winner.

Elder statesman Trump and his stooges have promoted those rumors and lies relentlessly, and anyone who dares say the “winner is actually the winner” (that’s Biden) is excommunicated from the mad MAGA king’s court.

Republicans whine about cancel culture yet CBS is cutting checks for someone who doesn’t even believe the Washington Post, New York Times, or CNN are “reliable sources.” He can spread his lies on Fox, Newsmax, or Steve Bannon’s podcast. CBS shouldn’t actively launder the reputations of scumbags who’d eagerly work for Trump again.

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