Charming Fella Just Needs $1 Million To Run Blacks Out Of Texas

America, please give a friendly Texas-sized "Howdy!" to your new racist wingnut hero of the moment, Dr. Rich Kent. He is not really a doctor, in the went-to-medical-school sense, but according to a video he posted on Facebook, "America needs a doctor, and I am him. I will cut this cancer out of America personally." And what is this cancer of which he speaks? Al Sharpton, the Black Panthers, Baltimore, Ferguson, and anyone else who engages in "this race-baiting, just crap nonsense that's been going on."

And he only needs a million bucks from you, fellow "red-blooded Americans," to help him remove this cancer before it spreads to McKinney, Texas! All because one innocent white cop, who deserves a medal, had to rough up some black teenagers at a pool party, for being at a pool party and posing a clear and imminent threat with their bathing suits.

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Well! Rich Kent is not going to let you race-baiters and haters turn his beloved Texas into a place where people talk about racism, that's for sure:

Here it goes, America. The time is now. In McKinney, Texas, Al Sharpton has in brought [???] the Black Panthers, and they're pulling this crap: If we can't swim, you can't drive. This is not gonna be another, "Oh hands up, don't shoot" crap in Texas. This is not going down, people. This is not going to happen. I have already personally warned Al Sharpton and his little cronies: You leave Texas, and you leave Texas now.

This is not going to turn into Baltimore. Me and my people are mounting up right now, as we speak. We are trying to have a peaceful rally. We are going to commonly [sic] walk ourselves down there, and we're gonna tell you -- we're not asking, we're telling you to get out of Texas.

Texas is how America should be, people. We are multi-raced, multi-diverse, multi-cultural, multi-religious. One thing in common: we stand for Texas. And we stand for each other. Y'all messed up. You do not come after a Texan. This will not be Baltimore. This will not be Ferguson. Do you understand me?

Oh yeah. We understand, all right. We're pretty good at reading racism between the lines. Even if this is about Texas pride. Oh, fun fact of no relevance whatsoever: According to his Facebook page, Kent is also not a Texan. He's from Indiana. But anyway.

This Saturday, June 13, I will be in McKinney, Texas, at 10 o'clock in the morning. And I am leading every red-blooded American that is over this to McKinney, Texas. And we are gonna go to your little hotel, to your little hiding spots, everywhere I can think of, and we are going to run you out of Texas.

This is not warning. This is a promise. We will be there. You will see me. You will leave Texas. Understood.

Understood, sir, yes sir! But in case it's not clear, Kent is not racist. He says so in the obligatory follow-up Facebook postings, so glad that's cleared up. So far, his GoFundMe page to #CounterSharpton has raised $10,175 -- almost of all it from one "Anonymous American." He should probably say something about running The Gays out of their hiding holes too, if he wants to really cash in.

According to Wingnut Welfare protocol, Kent will soon claim his life is in danger from the REAL "evil racist people" who are threatening him on the internet, and then he'll need more money to buy guns and defend himself from the haters. If he's lucky, some sympathetic rightwing radio hosts, or maybe even a Fox News guest -- probably Mark Fuhrman -- will condemn America for condemning this stupid racist piece of garbage asshole, because he is the true victim here, and then Dr. Rich Kent will really rake it in. Isn't that the new American dream?

[Facebook via Rawstory]


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