Longtime Wonkette readers and astute political observers are probably aware that Kelli Ward, literally one of the most insane Republicans in US America and who is very worried about chemtrails, failed upward from losing a Senate primary to twice-loser Martha McSally to holding the reins of the entire Arizona Republican Party. Back in 2017, she made news for saying John McCain really needed to quit the Senate after his brain cancer diagnosis, and she knows this because she is a doctor, and anyway, she wanted Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey to appoint her to his Senate seat. After all, there is no "brain cancer" in "team," is there?

Point is, she is wack as fuck. And now her Arizona Republican Party is spending its time on Twitter asking people if they're willing to DIE for the Fascist Sparkle Motion of stealing the election from Joe Biden and giving it to President Second-Place-Is-First-Loser.

So that's insane. Don't you want to DIE in this fight, so that you may be remembered for a short time, if you are at all remembered, as a person so conned by broken-brained con man Donald Trump that you actually believed millions of people "fraudulently" voted for him, even though nobody could ever produce any evidence of that? "He was stupid enough to believe Donald Trump," they'll say, before forgetting you forever.

As Mediaite notes, the AZ GOP also tweeted, then deleted, a quote and clip from Rambo, saying, "This is what we do, who we are. Live for nothing, or die for something." You know, in case you were wondering if these people are really having delusions that the climactic action movie sequence of their sad, dead-end lives has finally arrived.

Mediaite got a screengrab:

John Fetterman, the very cool Democratic lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, reacted:

He added a few minutes later, "If this isn't full-on death cult rhetoric, what's left?"

So that is how the AZ Republican Party is going under Kelli Ward's watchful eye. Don't worry, she's not just starting fights with her own side on Twitter. Kelli Ward is also losing lawsuits to overturn the election. It's kind of a pattern for her lately. Most recently, by which we mean last Friday, Ward was in Maricopa County Superior Court screaming FRAUDZ111!!1!1, to which the judge responded "Prove it, just kidding you can't, GTFO." Last night, the Arizona Supreme Court affirmed that GTFO, handing Ward her latest loss in the stream of losses that is the story of her entire life.

Democratic elections lawyer Marc Elias responded to that one on Twitter, with as much humility as he could muster:

Note that we only said "as much humility as he could muster." We didn't suggest it was very much humility.

On that note, the New York Times reports that Republicans in Arizona are in an all out war with each other, which is great because it fits right in to our ongoing Wonkette series "Let's Just Watch Republicans Eat Each Other To Death For Fun And Also Joy."

A top Republican told the governor to "shut the hell up." Another official described a lawmaker as a resident of "Crazytown." All this in a state where the party recently reigned supreme.

That's the sub-headline of the Times piece. Y'all, there's about to be some DEMS IN DISARRAY because they are too busy laughing at Republicans to get anything done.

It was Kelli Ward who told Doug Ducey to "shut the hell up" on Twitter, or rather "STHU." Why? Because he won't go along with the Rudy Giuliani KRAKEN plan to just decertify Arizona's election results and give the state to Trump. And Ducey responded:

At a news conference, Mr. Ducey responded, "I think what I would say is the feeling's mutual to her, and practice what you preach."


Separately, homophobic batshit Arizona GOP Rep. Andy Biggs was spreading conspiracy theories that Ducey, that Deep State lib, was going to "coerce vaccinations" for the coronavirus. That earned him this response from Ducey's chief of staff:

Oh yes, and this is how Ducey himself responded to Kelli Ward's AZ GOP asking people to DIE FOR FASCISM:

The Times reports that the nutbags are also going after Arizona GOP House Speaker Rusty Bowers, who not only refuses to do fascist coups for Donald Trump but also took the sane step of shutting down the state House after Rudy Giuliani leaked coronavirus all over everybody. Kelli Ward had one of her trademark measured responses to that:


If you sign up to die in Kelli Ward's dumbfuck war, please wear a helmet. You're gonna need it to protect you from all the friendly fire and own-goaling.

We are just saying, because we are helpful like that.

[New York Times]

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