Chief Trump Immigration Nazi Starts ACLU, The MAGA Version

Stephen Miller, Donald Trump's former immigration and white supremacy Obergruppenführer is back and starting a new legal organization — it's like the ACLU, but to take away your civil liberties!

It even comes complete with a bunch of other shitheads and a creepy nationalist name: America First Legal.

So think a klan rally, only with suits instead of sheets and legal briefs instead of burning crosses.

Why, one might ask, do we need yet another right-wing extremist legal organization? After all, we already have several pro-authoritarian and known hate groups doing work to support the cause. Take, for instance, the Alliance Defending Freedom and Liberty Counsel, which specialize in attacking LGBTQ people and women. No one can forget the Federalist Society, which gave us alllllllll the shitty Trump judges. And, of course, we could never forget our good friends over at Judicial Watch, which has gone from terrorizing Dr. Fauci to making shit up about voter fraud.

But, you see, while all of those organizations exist to do evil, they also have actual, defined issues they support. And Stephen Miller, true to form, doesn't want to have to worry about focusing on any cause in particular. He just wants to do whatever he can to make life better for rich, cis, white men and worse for everyone else.

Still bitter that organizations like the ACLU and NAACP fought to do things like get kids out of baby jail and back to their families during the Trump regime, Miller plans to get his revenge on the federal court system and all of us. AFL plans on specializing in administrative law and "executive overreach," which sounds boring as fuck, but can actually be an effective way to challenge federal laws and policies. Trump's attempts to rescind DACA and ratfuck the census, for example, were blocked, not because of their substance, but because the geniuses in the Trump regime were just that bad at admin law.

Miller, whose specialty is racism, is not actually a lawyer, so he has been buddy-buddying up to some truly brilliant conservative legal minds. (Do we have a sarcasm font yet? We really need a sarcasm font.) Apparently, he is already working with luminaries like Trump impeachment defender Ken Starr and chief of staff Mark Meadows.

Avengers, assemble!

The group is also getting help from Jim DeMint's Conservative Partnership Institute, which unfortunately reminded me that Jim DeMint is, in fact, still alive. Gene Hamilton, another prolific hater of immigrants from the Trump regime, is likely to run the legal program. Hamilton helped implement the Muslim Ban and literally wrote the order to repeal DACA, so you just know these guys are on the sides of the angels.

Miller is also trying to get funding from Trumpy Trumper Cubs owner Todd Ricketts. And DHS's former Acting Chad, who led last summer's military assault on Portland, is also a fan of the new org.

Apparently, even some of the people involved in creating this new parasite are already, to steal a word from Susan Collins, concerned about Miller's involvement with AFL. Some of those helping out are worried that the conservative donors who prefer it when people don't say the quiet part out loud won't be super stoked about working with the guy known as Trump's chief immigration Nazi. Allegedly, Miller plans on having a more behind-the-scenes role, "leaning on his connections inside the conservative movement and existing relationships with GOP attorneys general to turn AFL into a major player during the Biden era and beyond."


It's all gross. Worse than gross. It's all a white nationalist, bald, steaming pit of feces.

There is definitely a non-zero chance this Ian Millhiser tweet ends up being prophetic:

Gods, save us now.

[ Politico ]

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