Children’s Comic About Schwarzenegger Mysteriously Halted


The weird part is Arnold's housekeeper was a zombie.For reasons as mysterious as the motivations of superheroes themselves, Marvel Comics has canceled plans to put out a comic book and cartoon show called Governator and starring the character of former California governor/gross old movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger. Why would such a sure hit be halted? Can't a multi-millionaire celebrity/politician do whatever he wants?

Apparently not. Arnold had kind of a whoopsie by impregnating one of his servant girls and then she had the kid and now the kid is like, 10 years old.

And just like in Smallville, the kid is starting to become aware of his powers. For example, he will be rich forever. That's pretty good! Especially considering that he apparently lives in Bakersfield right now. We drove through there once on the way to San Francisco (long story, but Interstate 5 out of Los Angeles splits at one point and if you're not paying attention ...), and wow. Do not want.

Hopefully there will be another comic book/cartoon about old German men soon, for the kids! [CNN]


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