Chris Christie has released his first wave of campaign ads for the 2016 presidential elections! Oh no wait, no, these are not campaign ads, they are Jersey Shore tourism ads, can't you tell? They are public service ads to promote tourism! Because everybody wants to go to a beach full of Chris Christies. That's why it is totally okay for Christie to spend $4.7 million from Hurricane Sandy relief money with some PR firm called MWW -- which happens to be $2 million MORE than another bid -- on shameless self-promotion, or, as the always yelling Christie yells it, this selfless effort to promote tourism. These particular ads also cost more because they had Christie starring in them.

The "Stronger Than The Storm" TV ads feature Gov. Chris Christie and his family and are part of a $25 million spend to promote NJ tourism. The money all comes from the federal tax dollars given to NJ as post-Sandy hurricane relief.

It is not good or very ethical probably that he is using these Hurricane Sandy relief funds to give to people to make commercials about him. But Chris Christie really wants to be President you guys, and it looks like he might even have a shot! The Christian Science Monitor says a Quinnipiac poll calls Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie "America's hottest politicians" and we are not even going to say anything funny about that. And two other polls say that even though Republicans hate all of his guts, Christie is their best hope of beating Hillary.

So everybody shut up now and quit your bitching because otherwise it will just be Rick Santorum in the Newsmax debates, and we can only talk about showering in fetus juice so many times before it gets old.



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