Chris Christie Suggests Beating 76-Year-Old Lady Legislator With Bat

Chris Christie Suggests Beating 76-Year-Old Lady Legislator With Bat

Fat prick Chris Christie loves "mob humor," which is why he suggested voters "take the bat" to 76-year-old New Jersey state Sen. Loretta Weinberg. Like so many previous N.J. governors, Christie apparently thinks the office is actually a supporting role on teevee'sThe Sopranos, which actually ended its run several years ago. And that's why his typical response to a political scandal -- one of "fiscally conservative" Christie's cronies is drawing both a state-funded pension and a government salary -- was to encourage people to clobber a Democratic state senator with a baseball bat. reports:

After Christie told reporters Wednesday that they should "take the bat" to the 76-year-old Weinberg for hypocrisy, she retaliated by saying the governor "needs a little domestic violence training."

"Considering I’ve devoted my entire legislative career to fighting for the rights of women, including battered women, I think his words continue to show the level of insensitivity and poor judgment that the governor has demonstrated on women’s issues since getting elected," Weinberg (D-Bergen) said in a statement.

Christie then called another five-hour "freewheeling press conference" and threatened to eat everybody. []


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