Chris Matthews Cannot Believe Wife Beating -- In The Home, Even! -- Is, Like, A Real Thing


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Oh, Chris Matthews, you disgusting pile of ugh. We do not even know what to say about the latest diarrhea that came out of your face while you were coffee klatching with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC except (a) Seriously? (b) Why do you have a job still? and (c) SERIOUSLY????

ANDREA MITCHELL: Joe Biden has street cred with these women, and he walked into her home court advantage and got cheers for his passionate speech about protecting women and girls.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Is that close to the bone, the idea of wife beating some old -- or beaters?

ANDREA MITCHELL: That was part of it.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, but is that something that women really worry about --


MATTHEWS: -- men being brutal?

MITCHELL: The Violence Against Women Act --

MATTHEWS: At home? In the home?

MITCHELL: Yes, domestic violence.

On Wednesday, Matthews and Mitchell were chatting about Joe Biden's appearance at the Vital Voices Global Leadership Awards, an annual event that honors women's advocates because ZOMG! Hillary Clinton was also there (as she often is) and it's never too soon to make wild speculations about the 2016 presidential election, and Joe verus Hillary and what does it all mean and blah blah blah. So anyway, Biden was talking about the Violence Against Women Act, which he thought up in the Senate two decades ago when he was all, "Hey, let's do some stuff to try to stop violence against women maybe?" And everyone thought that was a pretty good idea, until last year, when Republicans suddenly decided it wasn't a good idea because sometimes it's OK to beat women who aren't white and straight, but even some of them got over that and pretended they were always opposed to domestic violence, so now pretty much everyone is back to agreeing that yes, violence against women is a bad thing and we should maybe do something to make that not happen so much.

Everyone except Chris Matthews, apparently, who has never heard of it and just cannot believe that's, like, a real thing. IN THE HOME. Because he is a ginormous douchehole and has never picked up a newspaper or used The Google, so he is unaware of facts and statistics and what is sort of, you know, common freakin' knowledge that yes, women really do get beaten. IN THE HOME. All the time. Like, in the time it has taken us to write this damned explanation, half a dozen women have been beaten and/or raped by their boyfriends or husbands or some other known asshole in their lives, because yes, Chris Matthews, YES, this really is a thing. Look it up. And then please go domestic violence yourself in the face and then, right after that, please resign from your job because you are very bad at it and should stop doing it immediately.*

*Editrix's note: I do not think you are bad at your job, Chris Matthews, except in this case, woof, I mean honestly, and totally don't think you should stop doing it and also I like you very much and would totally be on your show if you wanted me to. So don't ask Kaili, obviously, but definitely ask me.



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