Christian Swingers Will Make You Come (To Jesus)

From Dan Savage (who is apparently too good to drink with us in Seattle -- more on that soon), comes this disturbing video of people who are using their affinity for swinging to spread the Word of the Lord. It comes from something calledBarcroft Media, which is apparently trying to become the AP of weirdass tabloid shit.

To paraphrase Hank Hill, these people are not making Christianity sexier, they're making swinging more awful. Says Mr. Savage, they may be bad Christians, what with the multiple partners, but:

I would argue that they're far worse swingers. I mean, who wants the guy fucking his wife pausing mid-thrust to inquire about whether he's accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior? That would have to be a boner killer. A stranger on the bus inviting you to their church is bad enough. But getting that invite from the woman you're going down on while your husband watches?

We would just like to say that we would never in a million years have predicted that one of the guys used to have a drug/alcohol problem, and is now addicted to Fucking For Jebus. What an unexpected development!

[The Slog]

Doktor Zoom

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