Christian Texas Lady Thinks Religious Freedom Protects Her Right To Feed The Homeless, AS IF

Texas takes its religious-flavored freedoms VERY SERIOUSLY, as we know. Sometimes, anyway. For important things like gay-hatin' and slut-shamin' and gun-totin' and prisoner-executin'.

But Joan Cheever of San Antonio has some CRAZY idea that she should have the freedom to feed the homeless, as she's been doing since 2005:

Cheever has been cooking for the hungry and her “street peeps” for many years. The Chow Train is a nonprofit food truck that serves hot, healthy and restaurant quality meals to the hungry and homeless and those individuals who are temporarily homeless like the residents of the devastated towns of Joplin, MO, Moore, OK, La Place, LA and those who lost their homes in the Bastrop fires.

Lady, we don't know what version of the Bible you've been misreading, but there ain't nothin' in there 'bout feeding the hungry, DUH, at least not without the proper permits:

As she'd done every Tuesday for years, Cheever was giving out free meals from her food truck in a public park last week when police rolled up and started writing a ticket. Right away, she told the officers they were burdening her free exercise of religion, according to an on-the-scene report from Texas Public Radio. Cheever pointed to the federal and state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts -- the same kinds of laws that caused massive controversy in Indiana and Arkansas last month over concerns they would allow religious business owners to discriminate against the LGBT community.

"One of the police officers said, 'Ma'am if you want to pray, go to church,'" Cheever told the local NBC affiliate last week.

Pffft. Everybody knows that the proper way to exercise your religion is in a church -- or by denying health care to lady employees or refusing to provide floral arrangements and pizzas to gay couples gettin' gay-married to each other. Ms. Cheever, however, does not understand how the rules work and foolishly told the ticketing officer, "This is how I pray, when I cook this food and deliver it to the people who are less fortunate."

Sorry, Ms. Cheever, but according to the city of San Antonio, if you want to do your do-gooding, you'll have to take it to the city's designated homeless shelter downtown. And pay a $2000 fine for illegally feeding the homeless from your unlicensed food truck in a No Feeding The Homeless Zone, as you've been doing for the last decade but all of a sudden, it is A Issue.

According to the rules of How To Do Religious Freedom OUTRAGE!, we believe that preventing Ms. Cheever from exercising her religion any which way she wants means San Antonio is now LITERALLY Holocausting her, just like Anne Frank, and the good Christians who have donated all their monies to supporting oppressed religious freedom fighters will no doubt immediately overwhelm Ms. Cheever and The Chow Train with their Jesus dollars, for Jesus. Because she intends to fight the city's fine and to keep feeding the homeless of her community, which may or may not be the kind of "exercise of religion" that is so sacred it must be protected over any other laws. Guess we'll find out soon.

It is easy to donate to her, by the way, which you should probably go do right now.

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