Christine O'Donnell's Ex-Neighbors Wish She Didn't Have Sex So Loudly

Christine O'Donnell's Ex-Neighbors Wish She Didn't Have Sex So Loudly

According to people who used to be Christine O'Donnell's neighbors, she was sort of odd but nice, perhaps as one would expect. "She would lounge on her front porch in her pajamas some weekends, smoking cigars and drinking wine with a girlfriend." But she also had a man over her house all the time, and a neighbor complained about this, because "the walls upstairs are very thin." Surprise! Christine O'Donnell seems to be sexually active and now seems to live with a her new boyfriend, who is described as "a heavy-set Christian rocker with a pudding-cup beard," that man at left sitting sexily on a tiny tractor. And a neighbor says she never showed up at the local Catholic Church until she was running for office. So basically she is a hypocrite on every point of her platform, which according to the media is being against sex and for Jesus.

Benedetto, a life-long Democrat with reverence for the vice president (who walks every year with his family in the Procession of Saints), has a long list of complaints about O’Donnell. She once left soup on the stove and started a fire, Benedetto said. She used to miss the trash can when she disposed of her cat litter, leaving a mess on the porch. Most gallingly, in the neighbor’s view, O’Donnell had frequent visitors, “and the walls upstairs are very thin.”

Both Benedetto and another neighbor who asked to have her name withheld said they saw O’Donnell lounging, clothed, with a man on top of her, on O’Donnell’s bright yellow and orange flowered couch. Both said these events happened during the daytime, when O’Donnell would sometimes leave her front door open. Neither minded in the slightest at the time, they said, and the latter of the two neighbors thinks generally well of the candidate. Both said they get a little chuckle on hearing her strict stance against sexual activity outside of the confines of marriage.

Interesting! This article makes no mention of what this image is supposed to be, however:

Is that a Carlos Mencia set list? A policy paper on immigration? A shopping list from her days as a drug addict?

We do know it is from her, obviously, because her memo pad has her birthdate printed on it. Is that what people have printed on their memo pad when they don't have a job or anything interesting about them?

[EDIT: We're told this, like the other images in the article, are from her yearbook. And now this makes even less sense.] [Daily Beast/Flickr]


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