Chuck Grassley Invents New Way To Cut Grass

Chuck Grassley Invents New Way To Cut Grass

What sort of important legislator stuff has your senior senator been up to lately, Iowa? He's been mowing his lawn. That's almost as cool as killing Osama bin Laden! Grassley would like you to know he's come up with an incredible innovation: He's stuck two push mowers he had lying around to the back of his riding lawnmower so he can cover slightly more ground in each pass. We've looked up this ad he's talking about, and this lawnmower contraption may be the stupidest thing we've ever seen.

Winning the future! These are the kind of ideas that will arrive in America's next Sputnik moment! Or, at least, will get Grassley a job working for the Red Green Show.

Here's the ad. The mower thing appears briefly at the 0:45 mark. You don't see it too long, but it looks like Grassley has trouble steering the push mowers. So this thing he's doing is harder and probably spends more time and gas than if he just used his riding lawnmower.

An incredible statesman. We understand how his surname got him interested in landscaping ingenuity, but how did he decide he would be good at being a senator? Or using a keyboard? [Twitter/YouTube]


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