Chuck Schumer Afraid the Bath Salts Are Corrupting Our Children


U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer of New York says he wants the federal government to ban new designer drugs known as bath salts that pack as much punch as cocaine or methamphetamines.

Yes, bath salts, the Christmas present your mom receives from the sister she doesn't like, is a DESIGNER DRUG. Designed to make your mom feel pretty. Which should never happen.

The small, inexpensive packets of powder are meant to be snorted for a hallucination-inducing high, but they are often marketed with a wink on the Internet or in convenience stores as bathing salts. [...]

Schumer says the bath salts "contain ingredients that are nothing more than legally sanctioned narcotics."

Some senator says so? Good enough for us! Wait, no. Perhaps just this once we can do a study to find out if a substance is even harmful to society at large in the slightest before we spend billions upon billions of dollars locking up young people for life for possessing it? [WP]


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